Summary: "Babylon" adapts itself to every age, even creates the age, and moves easily from its ancient beginnings to world empires. We travel all the way to the Book of Daniel, Biblically, in this segment.


We are not totally aware of what Satan knew and didn't know, and how he planned his counter-attack on the design of God. But if God revealed to Adam that the "seed of a woman" will bruise the "head of the serpent" (Genesis 3:14-15), is there any doubt that Satan has a grasp of the horrible possibilities of his future?

Rather than despair, though, he decides to use these eventualities for his own purposes. Anticipating the things God will do, it seems that he creates a similar system of things to deceive those who will only seek God with half a heart, or not at all.

So, as a prostitute, "Babylon" offers a measure of satisfaction, for an affordable price.

Looking very much like the One with Whom he had spent ages watching up close, he begins to reveal a series of "mysteries" to the not-so-bright earthlings. He is still "revealing" such nonsense in our day, to a none-the-brighter populace.

Knowing there is to come a "seed," and guessing, or perhaps also knowing, that the Divine will be involved, he creates, several times over, replicas, previews, of this event.

You will remember that he has already "missed it" by killing Abel. It is quite possible he really has no idea as to the "Seed's" true identity. So he spreads through these mysteries the confusion he is experiencing?

Around these "mysteries" grow others, and yet others, different in every land, yet always recognizable as Babylon. Also recognizable, by the discerning, as having been deliberately forged by an expert counterfeiter.

For example, Nimrod, according to Hislop in his research called Two Babylons, is attached to one Semiaramis. Ovid, a Roman poet, contemporary with Jesus, says that Semiaramis was the first queen of Babylon, and surrounded the city with a wall of bricks. (Vol. ii,Metam., lib. iv, Fab.Pyramus and Thisbe)

Nimrod is a mighty man of the earth, a political figure, if you will. His wife is both beautiful and powerful. What better people to be raised to the level of gods? (Genesis 10)

And when they have a son! The seed of woman is now on the earth, implies Satan. Is he outrightly lying here, or does he really not know?

Whether deceived or deceiving or both, Satan begins here the outright perversion of the make-up of the Heavenly family. Since on earth we often think of distant father, looming mother, and little son, it is implied throughout Babylonian history , into our own day, that God the Father is unapproachable, that there is essentially a God "the Mother", and that she is the way to the Son-God.

The truth of course is that the only female that participates in heavenly things is the wife of The Lord God, identified as the people Israel by the prophets, and the Bride of Christ, known as the Church. The Son looms so far over the Mother in the Biblical story as to be not worthy of mention. (This we will document later, however.) And the way to God the Father has been made accessible by God the Son, Christ Jesus. It is of utmost importance that all who would understand the difference between Satanic and God-given revelation recognize these critical distinctions.

Knowing, perhaps, how people worship their memories more than realities, Satan arranges for an early death for Nimrod. Then he begins to spread, through his channels, the word that Tammuz, their son, is actually Nimrod reincarnated!

One of Satan's messengers is Semiaramis herself, who further announces that her deceased partner (now offspring) is the god of the sun.

Lies, big enough, told often enough, can finally be passed off as truths. Hitler didn't think that one up.

In time, Semiaramis also dies, and is accepted as a goddess. Later, the story circulates about how her son rescued his mother from the infernal powers in hell, and carried her with him in triumph to heaven. With this story we see the clever weaving of Satan's own threads into the story. Not only is he going to copy the True; he also adds the false, the absolute fantasy, to cloud even further the thinking of would-be servants of God.

c. 2000 B.C.

For hundreds of years, Babylon and old Babylonia continue to grow. Political and spiritual powers rise together, inseparable, as Babylonian politics and religion will ever be, seemingly unnoticed and unhindered by a holy God who has already destroyed a world for seemingly much less offense.

The major Biblical event of these early Babylonian (Chaldean) days is the call and promise of God to a man living in the midst of all this idolatry: Abram, later Abraham. (Genesis 12)

Through God's own way of communicating, He convinces Abraham's family to travel west, to present day Israel. Here is the first indication that God's people will forever be called out of Babylon.

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