Summary: Myth: I should do big things for God.

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What is your idea of success? How do you evaluate whether your life is successful?

It's important to put that question in front of us...and recognize how it leaves a question over our entire lives... as to whether they have meaning or not. I believe God wants to speak into that question today.

We are continuing our series entitled "Myths: Exposing the False Beliefs that Bind Us."

We are looking at common ideas that effect how we navigate life. And today we are going to engage the:

MYTH: I Should Do Big Things For God.

As with other "myths" we are engaging, the spirit of this statement can reflect something very right...but some of the underlying assumptions can be very wrong.

There is no higher honor than to serve serve the one who created us... the one who gives every good gift...the one who would come die for us. So doing things for God is not only an honor and privilege, but it's also a natural response to having had a changed life. Our Father...the source of all of calling us into His redemptive and restorative plan and purpose.

So naturally we should want to do big things for God..

The issue that I believe God wants us to engage today... isn't about how much we want to serve God...but about our idea of "big."

It's become a bit of a byline these days that "bigger is better."

Beyond the sexual connotation... America is known by our way of thinking that everything should be bigger. When those from other countries express what stands out about America...even Europeans who are part of our larger western culture...they will often say: Americans do everything BIG. (They'd swear everyone must is from Texas and California...states that really can believe they are the big life.)

We have the biggest military.... create the biggest cars and trucks.

We created the supermarket...and then the superstores like Wal-Mart and Target and Home Depot....and of course we have the super malls.

We have meals that are 'super sized'...invented the Big Mac and the Big Gulp...then the Super Big Gulp and now the Double Gulp which holds 64 fluid ounces. (Some villages survive on that !)

We have superstars... that are bigger than life.

The new ATT commercials [1] where the young man in a suit is sitting down with a group of young children and asking them basic questions... concludes - "Bigger is's not complicated.'

ATT - says bigger is's not complicated. So naturally we should do BIG things for God.

Seems to fit our leaders...doesn't it?

Noah... Moses...David... they accomplished something big... EPIC big.

Jesus: A calling of truly cosmic proportions.... Paul: World changer....

So naturally we are drawn to being ...superheroes. We grow up with ideas about heroes that we dream of being....usually those with special powers.

As we go on in life we can still believe we should be not just heroic...but superheroes.

I know I'm not alone in this.

If this is what God is calling us to...then most of us probably feel a little inferior...and probably find a lot of our life irrelevant.

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