Summary: A sermon on the names of Jesus taken from Isaiah 9:6


Isaiah 9:6


The naming of a baby is a very, very happy time. It can also be a very meaningful time. In the Bible, names were given and the names had significance. They had meaning.

What’s in a name? When Jesus was born there was a name given to Him. "Jesus" means "Jehovah Saves"

This is probably the most familiar of all his names.

In our text for tonight, we find that Isaiah wrote, "His name shall be called" and he went on to list 5 names or titles for our Lord Jesus.

I. His name shall be called WONDERFUL

A sense of mystery and wonder surrounds Christ. His nature and ministry was distinct from all others.

1. This baby in a manger was the answer to all of man’s problems.

"He shall save his people from their sins."

2. Here is the glorious wonder of Christ.

a. No sin was too great

b. No offense too vile

c. No wrong to oppressive to be fully forgiven

3. Christ’s very nature and ministry was full of wonder

a. How could a virgin conceive?

b. How could he perform miracles?

c. How could he heal the sick?

d. How could he raise the dead?

e. How could he walk on water?

f. How could he satisfy spiritual thirst?

4. There is wonder in his name. “Wonderful”

a. His Birth was wonderful.

b. His Life was wonderful.

c. His Teaching was wonderful.

d. His Miracles were wonderful.

e. His Transfiguration was wonderful.

f. His Death was wonderful.

g. His Resurrection was wonderful

h. His Ascension was wonderful.

II. His name shall be called COUNSELLOR

1. Jesus was a counsellor in the things that He said.

This tells of his communication. A counsellor is someone gifted in the ability to communicate. He knows how to solve the people’s problems.

Jesus is the counsellor that has come to overturn the counsel of Satan and the results of the fall. By his counsel the fall is overturned.

Satan was a counsellor but he created problems by his counsel rather than solve them. It was by his counsel the Eve gave in to temptation and man ultimately fell.

2. Jesus was also a counselor in the things that He did.

a. Jesus picked up a seed and it became a sermon on the Word of God.

b. Jesus pointed to a sheep and it became a sermon on a lost soul.

c. An ordinary fishing trip changed when Jesus got into the boat.

d. It was just a wedding until Jesus lent a helping hand.

e. He never went to a funeral that stayed a funeral.

3. There is wisdom in his name. “Counselor”

a. As your counselor He is always available.

b. As your counselor He gives you His undivided attention.

c. As your counselor He comforts you.

d. As your counselor He guides you in the right way.

e. As your counselor He enables you.

III. His name shall be called THE MIGHTY GOD

Here is the real "Christ of Christmas". I sometimes wonder whether beneath all the busyness of the Christmas season if we realize the truth that God became man.

Think of this "priceless" Christmas gift - God became man. "Emmanuel" - "God with us"

a. God is with us through the difficult things of life

b. God is with us through the temptations of life

c. God is with us through whatever life brings

IV. His name shall be called EVERLASTING FATHER

1. Jesus is the originator of eternity

"Everlasting" = forever "Father" = originator

a. God is eternal. He has no beginning and no end.

b. Man has a beginning but no end

2. There is worship in his name. “everlasting father”

a. If you Know Jesus, you know the Father.

b. As Father He is Life Giver.

c. If He is not God, it would be blasphemy and idolatry to worship Him.

V. His name shall be called PRINCE OF PEACE

1. Reconciliation - The peace of forgiveness

2. Companionship - The peace of his presence

3. King of Kings/Lord of Lords - The peace of his coming

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