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Summary: How our lust leads us to betray those we love.

Sermon Title: Betrayed for Turkish Delight

Theme: How our lust leads us to betray those we love

Scripture: Luke 22:1-6; John 13:27-30; James 1:14-15

Have you ever been compelled to do something you knew was wrong?

• To Steal – personal example from childhood

• To lie

• To cheat

There are warning signs that we can be aware of when we are being led away by our lust. These signs begin to surface as we begin to give in to temptation, and if not checked will lead us to betray those we love. In C.S. Lewis’ classic, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, we have a prime example of a young man named Edmund who’s lust for Turkish Delight leads him into an allegiance to the white witch, betraying those he loves.

Just like Edmund we all are being seduced to lead a life away from the Lord. To betray those we love for something artificial and brief. We can know the signs of being seduced and keep our lives away from that path. The following are signs that indicate that we are on a path away from the Lord

Body – Luke 22:1-6

1. We betray those we love when we let our desires lead us. (Luke 22:4)

a. Compare and parallel Edmund and Judas. Briefly paraphrase Edmund’s story and plight.

b. Judas’ lust for money (v. 5)

c. Edmund’s lust for Turkish Delight (James 1:14 - driven by our desires/appetites)

d. Characteristics of Judas and Edmund-greed, hypocrisy, deceit, disloyalty, dishonest, remorse.

2. We betray those we love when we consent to our desire. (Luke 22: 6)

a. Judas goes to the enemy (v. 4). When we begin negotiating with the enemy or with our desires it’s a sign of betrayal.

b. Edmund agrees to the witches demand. Just like Judas, Edmund converses with the enemy and names his price to betray his family to the witch. She promises him great things for doing this.

c. Judas agrees to betray Jesus. (vv.5,6).

d. The price – the parties agree on a price. What are you willing to sell out for?(Judas 30 pcs. Of silver – Edmund Turkish Delight)

3. We betray those we love when we act on our desire (Luke 22:6)

a. Judas seizes an opportunity – he watched for an opportunity.

b. Edmund goes to the witch – finds an opportunity to go to the witch.

c. The betrayal begins secretly (John 13:30). Under the cover of night - behind closed doors – in your mind and heart (Jn. 13:12; Acts 5:3; 2Cor. 12:7; Eph. 2:2; 1 Thes. 2:18)

d. The result of acting on our desires: James 1:14-15 (Judas hangs himself – Edmund becomes the witches slave and almost gets murdered).


Paraphrase the rest of the story.

You may be feeling the forces of darkness trying to seduce you. Or you may be living in the seductive grip of sin. We can learn from Judas and Edmund today. When we waver from the path of God destruction awaits us at the end of that path. However, Christ has provided a way out, he has provided a way for you to get out from under the slavery of sin and experience the love , freedom and liberty he has for you. At the end of the story Edmund experienced the forgiveness and mercy of Aslan – Today Christ extends to you his mercy and forgiveness. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus.

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