Summary: Celebrating Jesus Christ, whether His birth or His resurrection, does not depend upon society’s recognition or the binding of Satan, but, rather, our convictions.

Christmas Despite the White Witch

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1. Some of you have already seen The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

2. C.S. Lewis, one of Christendom’s great thinkers, wrote the Chronicles of Narnia for children…but soon adults of all ages were picking them up.

3. In The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, we find that the White Witch, symbolic of Satan, is ruling Narnia. It is always winter in Narnia, but never Christmas.

4. But C.S. Lewis was an Anglican, and he believed that when Christ, Satan was not only legally defeated, but bound. We understand that Satan will not be bound until Christ returns. We believe that we are living between the Resurrection of Aslan and the destruction of the White Witch.

5. And so we celebrate Christmas even while the god of this world, Satan, is on the loose.

6. In our society, many forces seem to be trying to eliminate Christmas in our nation. Why?

7. Because Christmas observance is another blatant evidence that the American heritage is to favor Christianity while tolerating other religions. History is being re-written to support the idea that Americans have always treated all religions equally, something blatantly untrue.

8. But beyond the political correctness, there is a spiritual agenda here, like that of Psalm 2:

9. Although we might get upset about some of these things -- and should speak out against them as Americans-- as Christians we need to remember that these are really token issues. We should be more amazed that millions of people who do not have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ want to celebrate his birthday in any way!

10. John Leo writes:

The “winter program” at Ridgeway Elementary School In Dodgeville, Wisconsin, changed the lyrics of the Christmas carol “Silent Night” to the more inclusive “Cold in the Night.” (“Cold in the night, no one in sight, winter winds whirl and bite.”) After this success, the program’s next step will obviously be:

?A) Changing “O Holy Night” to “Uh-oh! Wholly night!” a song about a lunar eclipse ?b) Singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.” ?c) A song celebrating the comeback of the American auto industry, “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Ford.”?D) A ditty about hoping for snow at the Panama Canal, “I’m dreaming of a white isthmus.”

The modern name for Christmas trees is now:

a) Giving trees ?b) Trees of color ?c) Seasonal conifers ?d) Inclusion bushes ?e) Tall lit-up flora ?f) Those pointy green things with needles and lights

Some schools have ruled that red and green cookies cannot be brought into class in December because the color combination strongly suggests the divisive sectarian feast day of Christmas. Therefore"

a) Red cookies may be brought to school. Green ones too. But, please, not on the same day ?b) A fruit bowl containing just pears and cherries is a serious constitutional matter and should be reported immediately to the ACLU, care of the Christmas erasure desk. c) In December, the San Francisco 49er may not be shown playing the New York Jets, except on black-and-white TV sets. ?D) All traffic lights must be turned off until January 1.

The three wise men in the Nativity scene are objectionable because

a) They fail the multicultural test--though one is black, neither of the other two is a disabled lesbian, wiccan or vegan.

b) “Wise Men” should be “Persons of Wisdom” ?c) Describing the first people to come to see Jesus as “wise” implies that idiots can’t become Christians, which experience tells us is just not so.

John Leo is a columnist and editor for U.S. News & World Report and a contributing columnist on

MAIN IDEA: Celebrating Jesus Christ, whether His birth or His resurrection, does not depend upon society’s recognition or the binding of Satan, but, rather, our convictions.

TS------- Absurd movements can attempt to remove Christmas from the public arena, but God is greater and He can make Christmas happen in our hearts and families.

I. We Are Part of An UNSTOPPABLE Kingdom

Gates of hell shall not prevail…

A. The DEVIL Could Not Keep Jesus from Being Born (Rev. 12:1-6)

1. Nephilim

2. Haman

B. God Saw to It That the Shepherds FOUND Jesus

Recall: three types of prophecy: (1) direct, (2) shadows, (3) providential patterns

--- it is rather ironic that simple shepherds were the first to see the Messiah, while the religious intelligencia were not involved at all…

---prophetic in a way: not many noble….

C. Herod Could Not PREVENT the Wise Men from Worshipping Jesus

--- it is rather ironic that non-Jews came to worship Jesus

---prophetic: Jesus would be a light to the gentiles

---gold, myrrh, and frankincense

D. Herod Could Not DESTROY Jesus

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