Summary: Explores Lucy’s surprise experience of Narnia with the truth that there are "wardrobe doors" for us to walk through to discover the Kingdom of God.

Discover The Wonder:

He Is Closer Than You Might Think

Lk.1:29-35; 2:8-15; Mk.1:15; 2 Kgs.6:14-18


1) Lk.1:29-35…Mary and Joseph are going about there merry, obscure little way, when….all of a sudden the unseen spiritual world contacts them with a message from the angel Gabriel…you are going to have a child from this other world…and He come to save your world from their sins.

2) Lk.2:8-15…The shepherds were tending their flocks out in the fields…nothing unusual about that…they were going about their normal lives, doing what they do everyday of their lives….when suddenly, the unseen spiritual world contacts them with a message from the angel Gabriel.

In C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, four children from London, Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and Susan are taken out of the city during the bombing of WWII. They are taken to Professor Kirke’s home in the countryside. On the first day, unable to go out because of the rain, they play hide and seek. Lucy thought she had found a great hiding place in the Wardrobe, when after entering, suddenly she found herself in a whole new world…the land of Narnia. The land itself had been under a hundred year winter curse by the White Witch…but Aslan, the Lion, was on the move to rescue Narnia and reverse this terrible curse.

They are able to move in and out of this world, but they come back to their world transformed!!

I. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there!!

Ex. Of the things you can’t see, but no one argues that they are not real:

1. Radio….If I were to tell you that just about every type of music in the world is right here, right now…would you believe me? You would because you have experience radio…and now with satellite radio it is even truer… all we need to experience an entire world of music is an instrument that is capable of receiving radio waves. And then suddenly, we are aware of another world that we weren’t even thinking about until something made it know to us…i.e., a radio.

2. Same thing with a TV…

3. I can’t see electricity or gravity…but both can be deadly if disregarded and yet we couldn’t live without it. We can certainly see the results of it, but usually aren’t conscious of it much unless something happens.

Gravity….don’t think of it until you fall.

Electricity…don’t think of it until its off.

4. I will suggest to you that it is the same with the unseen spiritual world…Ephes. 6:12 (NIV)

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Just because we can’t see the spiritual world does not mean that it is any less real. It is as real as anything you have experienced…in fact, it is more real.

Sometimes people will say, “You have got to live in the real world”. I’m not always sure what is meant by that but it sure does raise an interesting question: “What is the real world?” Only what is eternal will last…so anything that you can see or touch…is not lasting. One day it will all be gone.

So I would say to you that it is the spiritual world that we can’t see that is the most real thing out there. And many go through life totally oblivious to it.

Ex. After Lucy’s first lone trip to Narnia, none of the other children believed her when she told them.

II. Life is filled with surprise encounters with this spiritual world.

1. Unintentional. It is impossible to live in our world without bumping into the eternal! We bump into it all the time. But for those who are not looking for anything, it can be easily explained away. We talk about LUCK… Coincidence… Uncanny…Incredible…a winning streak…chance meeting. Or we take credit for the remarkable (Ex. Of little woodpecker whose tree was split down the middle by lightning while he was pecking on itand flew to another tree and exclaimed, "Boy, I’m good!")

2. God’s Intention. God’s prevenient grace is at work in every life. He is continually reaching out to every one of us. We all live in a world filled with God’s blessings. God is working 24/7 to get through to you….through circumstances, thoughts, events, etc. Breaking into our world to get our attention, to communicate with us, to love us, to woo us to Himself. And sometimes we don’t even notice…kind of like the little girl down the street who does everything in the world to get your attention, yet you don’t give her the time of day…until one day, things have changed; suddenly you notice her. All of a sudden things are different and you enter into another world…a world of love.

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