Summary: Narnia sermon in how Jesus is the predicted or prophesied Lion from the Tribe of Judah.

Jesus: The Predicted Lion

Revelation 5:1-10

A. This time of year is a time where people begin to make predictions for the Coming year.

I decided to look up some of the predictions made by people before 2005 began.

- International Predictions

Russian forces will invade Alaska.

Chinese forces will move over the Mexican border.

Russia will ask help from the US with the Chechen rebels.

Iran will attack Iraq; China will attack Taiwan; and N. Korea will attack S. Korea – all at the same time.

People from Canada will rally to become part of the USA.

- Predictions about famous people

The Pope will die and be replaced by a Black Pope.

Jim Morrison will be found alive.

Johnny Carson will die.

Dick Cheney will resign under pressure.

Lisa Marie Presley will have a hit song.

Big Foot will be discovered.

- Movie, Wall Street, Terrorist, weather Predictions also.

B. Aren’t you glad that God and His Word doesn’t “Predict” with the accuracy of those who made these predictions?

In fact, perhaps that is why the biblical term for Prediction is Prophecy.

Both tell of something that will happen, but Prophecy involves God’s wisdom/insight versus human understanding of Predictions.

Josh and Darin read Scripture and lit the Prophecy candle for us today. God told us 100’s of years prior to Jesus’ birth that we celebrate this time of year.

C. The Book of Revelation is often hard for people to understand and is probably the most misunderstood and misinterpreted book of the Bible.

But it is an Inspired part of God’s Holy Word.

Even in our NT Reading Challenge, we are beginning Revelation, as the last book of the NT to read in these final few weeks of 2005.

I encourage you to read through Revelation. Don’t be afraid – Don’t get too caught up in the specifics of the book because it is highly symbolic – as Apocalyptic literature.

Seek the Fundamental Truths of the book, regardless of the different views of interpreting Revelation.

John is exiled on the Island of Patmos for his work as a Christian and while there, God shows John what will take place: the Victory of Jesus at His 2nd Coming and the establishing of His Kingdom for eternity with all those who trusted in Christ and were faithful.

It is a message to us - The Church, to remain faithful and on fire for the Lord. It is message of judgment. It is a message of Hope – as the church in John’s day were in a time of persecution by the Roman empire. It is a message of Victory for the Lord and His people and ruin for evil.

D. Our passage here in Ch. 5 is part of this Revelation that John witnesses and records for us. READ 5:1-10

1. John sees a scroll – a book: of judgment, of the new covenant, of God’s purposes and plans for the earth, a living will as the times of Rome that were sealed and opened only by an heir, or even perhaps Jesus’ orders from the Father of the day He is return, raise the dead, judge and establish the Kingdom.

2. But no is found worthy enough to open this scroll.

3. John weeps and weeps; The importance of this scroll being opened is revealed.

4. But there is someone who is worthy to open the Scroll, vs. 5 one of the Elders tells John.

5. Jesus described: Vs. 5 The Lion of tribe of Judah - Gen. 49:9-10. the Root of David (Jesse is David’s father);

He – Jesus has Triumphed.

Vs. 6 – Jesus is now seen as the Lamb (John, Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world). Looking as if he had been slain (Jesus even after his death and REz. – even now in Heaven with the Father –as John sees Him – still has the marks/scars from His death on the cross).

6. He takes the scroll (he doesn’t take it by force, by deception, by defraud – No – He is the heir to take it).

7. Vs.’ 8-10, The Celebration of the 4 living Creatures, the 24 Elders fall before the Lamb – the Lion and sing a new song of praise (holding the bowls full of the prayers of the saints). A song about His Worth; His redemption of and His establishing His kingdom to reign on earth.

Lessons from our Passage

Think about what it must have been like for John to be part of this Revelation. It surely was encouraging for him as he sat there in exile to see the Victory that would take place.

But what do we learn from this passage about the Prophecies – Predictions about Jesus?

1. Jesus is Predicted to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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