Summary: Who was near the cross? 1. A Changed Life 2. A Corrected Life 3. A Committed Life 4. A Reasoning Life 5. A Responsible Life

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- Fanny Crosby 1820-1915

- Wrote 8,000 hymns under 200 pseudonyms

- At 6 weeks she went completely blind by a maltreatment of her eyes

- By 10 she had 1st four OT books & 1st four NT memorized

- She became a teacher at the New York City institution for the Blind

- She played various instruments; harp, piano, guitar

- She married a blind musician

- It was when she was 44 that she discovered her true vocation as a hymn writer

- Victorian America & Industrial Revolution in full swing

- She was in her 40's during the Civil War

- She died after WW1 had started at 95

Something good happens to one near the cross

Who was near the cross?

- Four soldiers they were there out of duty.

- Gambling without care for Jesus cloak

- Get the Job done

- One Centurion "Truly this was the Son of God Mt. 27:54

- Four women – because they loved Jesus:

• Mary, the mother of Jesus

• Salome (His mother’s sister)

• Mary (the wife of Clopas)

• Mary Magdalene

- One disciple – His beloved disciple

1. Mary Magdadene

- A Changed Life

- Her testimony.......he changed my life.

• She was possessed by 7 demons - Lk 8:2

• No self control.

• Living a self destructive life.

• Christ set her free

• Changed when she met Christ.

- Love demonstrated

• At the Tomb when Jesus was buried

• At the Tomb when Jesus was resurrected

- Near the cross your life will change

2. Salome

- A Corrected Life.

- The wife of Zebedee

- Mother of James, and John.

- She was rebuked when she asked

Matthew 20:21 (AV)

— 21 And he said unto her, What wilt thou? She saith unto him, Grant that these my two sons may sit, the one on thy right hand, and the other on the left, in thy kingdom.

- She was being selfish

- The secret to success. It is through serving.

Matthew 20:26 (AV)

— 26 But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

- Witness the selflessness of our Lord, and his sacrificial death for our sins.

- Near the cross our selfish thinking will be corrected.

- Near the cross we begin to see life in a different way!

3. Mary the mother of Jesus

- A Committed Life.

- Mary is at the beginning of the of John (ch. 2)

- At the end of the of John (ch. 19)

- But not in the chapters in-between

She was committed

- As a virgin - became the mother of Jesus.

- As a mother she cared, raised & taught him

- Committed to him in his ministry (Water to Wine) Jn 2:5 What ever he says unto you do it

- Stayed with him all the way to the cross.

- She lived a consistent, committed life

- Near the cross, your life will be commited

4. Mary (the wife of Clopas) .

- A Reasoning Life

- She saw His crucifixion

- She heard Him say it is finished

- She saw His death & now dead

- Resurrection most important event in history

- Lk 24:13

- Jesus invited into their presence

- v.18 - Was the other one the wife of Clopas?

- v.27 – Scripture was unfolded

- Near the cross you will trust God's promises

5. John, The Disciple

- A Responsible Life

- To Care for Jesus mother

- John was with Peter, and James on the Mt. of Transfiguration. Mt 17:1-2

- They were with Him when he raised Jairus daughter from the dead. – Lk 8:41-42, 51-56

- John accompany him into the garden of Gethsemane. – Mt. 26:37-41

- The only disciple that stands near the cross

- He is faithful to the very end.

- Jesus cared for John, and John for him

- Instructed to care for His mother

- If we are near to the cross it will show how we care for others.

- We will live a caring life, and one filled with compassion for others!

- Near the cross, you will find purpose

- Jesus with Peter & John at the lake – Jn 21:20

- Feed my sheep

- The Cross was to satisfy the wrath of God, done at Calvary

- The cross gives us hope

- How near are you to the cross ?

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