Summary: You can receive your break-through by crying out to God for help, don’t allow folks to stop you, and accept what God has for you

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January 11th, 2004

Let us pray


Our theme this year is, Glorifying God, and our key verse for the year is Matthew 5

verse 16. Let say it together...."Let your light so shine................." Each week of this

year we will have a verse of the week that we all should memorize, and apply that verse

to our daily life.. For some it might be a verse that you know, and for others it might be a

new verse. Our verses for this week is Proverbs 3: verses 5 and 6. Let’s say it together, "Trust in the Lord.............."

Our topic last Sunday was glorifying God, and we said that the word glory means to give glory, honor or high praise to, exalt. To give glory to, especially through worship.

We said that you are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world, and that you should let your light shine. As you went about your daily task last week, did someone see the light of Christ shining in you, or did they see something else? Did someone find out through the way you were living that you are a Christian, or did they leave wondering who you are?.....elaborate...

Today we will be using as our topic, Needing a break-through. Our scripture can be found in Matthew 20: verses 29 through 34 in your bibles.

Let’s all stand and read together. Please tell someone, God has a blessing for you.

In our Bible Class last Wednesday night, I told the saints to accept the fact that something

good was going to happen to them. I told them to write these words down, something

good is going to happen to me. If you can believe that right now, I would like you to

start trusting God that something good is going to happen to you.........elaborate... I

don’t know how, but I just believe it....

On this 2nd Sunday of the New Year 2004, how many of you here today needs a break-through? That word break-through means the forcing of a way through an

obstruction. You are tired of the way things are going, and so you need a break-through.

You have been working 40 plus hours each week, and it seems you can barely make ends meet, and so today you need a break-through. You are tired of coming to the house of God Sunday after Sunday, and it seems nothing has changed, and so today you need a

break-through. It seems you are having problems after problems with a sister here, a brother over there, a friend next door, and today you need a break-through. It seems sometimes the journey is more than you can handle, and it has crossed your mind to give

up, but today you need a break-through. It seems just the idea of going back home, pushes your blood pressure up, and so today you need a break-through.

If you truly need a break-through today, I believe there are three things God wants you to

do: 1. Cry out to God for help; 2. Don’t let folks stop you from crying out; 3.Accept what God has for you.

In our text we find that as Christ departed from Jericho, a great multitude followed him.

This mixed multitude was following the Lord for various reasons, for some it was the loaves; for some it was love, while for others they were looking for Christ temporal reigning. In this massive crowd there were two persons not following the Master. In fact,

they were sitting by the way-side. These two men had something in common, they were both blind. I believe they were sitting close to each other having a con-ver-sation. I wonder what they were talking about. Maybe tthey were sharing notes of how they

became blind. Maybe they were talking about the weather. Maybe they were talking about

some current event. I believe as they were talking they received a news flash, they heard

that Jesus had passed by. They had no time to ask who was with Jesus. They had no time

to find out if he was in haste. They had no time to ask what was Jesus wearing or how did

he look.

In a split second, I believe they started to recall who Je-sus is. They must have heard it was Je-sus who turned water into wine. They must have heard it was Je-sus who made the dumb to speak again. They must have heard that leprosy was healed because of this man

Je-sus. They must have heard that Je-sus gave life to the dead, and surely they must have heard that Jesus gave sight to the blind. They realized the condition they were in; they realized that they needed a break-through, they realized that they needed each other and

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