Summary: You are a leader. Yes, you! You may not be the president or manager of an organization, but you will be called on to lead others.

Negative and Positive Ways of Selecting Elders (1 Timothy 3:1-3:6)

Illustration: Be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. –1 Timothy 4:12

Bible In One Year: Judges 1-3; Luke 4:1-30

You are a leader. Yes, you! You may not be the president or manager of an organization, but you will be called on to lead others.

Do you teach Sunday school? You’re a leader. Are you a parent? You’re a leader. Have a job? You’re a leader. Have friends? You’re a leader.

No matter who you are, others are looking at you and being influenced by your example. As you think about this awesome responsibility, what should you do? Someone has said that a good leader is one who "knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

Joshua was like that. He knew the way because God had told him. He went that way by being obedient to the Lord, and he showed the way by providing servant-leadership.

Look specifically at what God told Joshua:

Be strong and courageous (v.6).

Obey all of God’s laws for living (v.7).

Think often about what God has said (v.8).

Remember that God is with you (v.9).

We need to keep these lessons of leadership in mind, because people are following our example. If we learn them well, we will know, go, and show the way that pleases God–and we will be good leaders. (Our Daily Bread)

Wrong ways of choosing leaders for your fellowship:

* Choosing elders on the basis of popularity

* Politically campaigning for people who are from your own web of friends and confidants

* Selecting men who are wealthy

* Selecting men who are advanced in age or successful in business, education or politics

* Lobbying for men who are good public speakers

* Choosing men who have proven to have good connections to powerful people

* Choosing men who enjoy being in the limelight

* Choosing men who will use their power for advancement in numerous ways in the society

* Selecting men who are respected by big people

* Selecting men who know how to persuade others

* Electing men who are good at making promises

* Picking men who have good a formal education

* Choose men who have an influential family

* Choose men who do not have been caught in sin

* Choose men whose children are famous people

* Choose men who are strong and determined

* Choose men who work hard and long at a task

* Pick men who appear to be honest and upright

* Pick men who with a long history in the church

* Pick men who are willing to fight for what they believe and publicly espouse

* Select men who associate themselves with powerful people in all walks of society

* Select men who are able to present ideas in a convincing manner

* Elect men who always show up for worship

* Choose men who love the public’s approval

* Choose men who are quick to act in crisis

* Choose men who are faithful in prayer meetings

* Select men who are consistent in their service

* Select men who will assist with big problems

* Elect men who are patient with their leaders

* Select men who know how to have a good time

* Select men who are faithful to their leaders

* Pick men who know how to compromise with people in the world in order to get things done

Illustration: They saw the boldness of Peter and John . . . . And they realized that they had been with Jesus. --Acts 4:13

While driving in rush hour traffic one day, I found myself behind a car with a bumper sticker. It had a yellow smiley face on it with these words: Smile--Jesus Loves You.

Suddenly another car squeezed in front of the "smiley" car, forcing the driver to hit the brakes. With that, he shook his fist angrily, displaying anything but a smiley face. I felt ashamed, until I remembered my own impatience as a driver. The incident reminded me that our actions and reactions, more than the display of a sticker on our car, show whether we know the Lord Jesus.

Acts 4 tells us that Peter and John faced opposition from local rulers, elders, and scribes as they proclaimed the good news of Christ. But their reaction caused their opponents to start thinking. Even though Peter and John were not highly educated, the people marveled at their bold witness and realized that these two men had been with Jesus. There was no need for a bumper sticker on the apostles’ donkey--their words and deeds said it all.

Wise Ways of Selecting Elders

* Choosing elders on the basis of Godliness

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