Summary: This sermon is for those who are experiencing the valley, a need of encouragement.

Neh3:13 - In the valley

Hanun=”gracious”, repair = to strengthen, prevail, harden, be strong, become strong, be courageous, be firm, grow firm, be resolute, be sore. Zanoah = "cast off"

1 We still build (ba-na)

• Building us to His Glory.

o Step by step, in His time (matt 4.24)

• Rebuilding us from the ashes.

o Job sitting in the ashes, David after baby with Bathsheba died.

• Establishing us in Him

o Restore us through His Grace (Peter)

o Making us Permanent in Him. (the Christian)

2 We still have a door. (deh’•leth)

• There is still access to God.

o Works both ways (ask, seek, knock & I stand at the door knocking)

• There is Hope.

o In freedom and in service (Deut 15.12.18)

• There is the Word.

o 1 Sam 3.15- Samuel laid at the door as God spoke.

o John 10.7.9 – I am the door.

3 We still have security (locks, Bars, & walls)

• He is the one that bolts (locks) me to himself.

o those that you have given me I have kept.

• He is the fortress (bars = ber-e-akh) for me.

o First time used is in the use of the tabernacle (ex 26.26)

• He is the wall of my salvation (Wall = kho-ma (ho-ma))

o Ex 14.22 – “waters were a wall unto them”

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