Summary: Nehemiah expressed sorrow after learning of the bad situation back home. He went to the LORD GOD in prayer for solution to the problem. Who do you go to when faced with a bad situation?

The main character in the story is Nehemiah. According to Chapter 1: 1, he was the son of Hacaliah and was one of the captives carried away from Israel. He was fortunate to find himself in the Palace. GOD is able to bless us no matter the circumstances. We read in Verse 2, that when a delegation came from Jerusalem, he enquired of the situation at home. Upon hearing the unpleasant report, he wept and fasted. His reaction clearly demonstrated how concern he was. Immediately he realized that he lacked the capacity to handle the situation. He went to the LORD GOD to put his concerns before HIM. In John 15:5b, JESUS said that "without HIM we can do nothing."

The truth is that without JESUS we cannot handle our challenges. It is for this reason that we should not in any way ignore the prayer when we are faced with any life changing situation. Nehemiah has shown us the right way and that is to adopt the attitude of prayer. Sometimes we have the tendency to depend on our own efforts and experiences to handle our challenges. This kind of attitude will fail us. It is for this reason that we need to learn from the attitude of Nehemiah.

I would like to conclude by stressing the point that prayer is the key to open every closed door of any life situation.

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