Summary: Talks and full order of service for an All Age Worship service on ’The Bible’ as part of a series in the book of Nehemiah. Email me for word files and PowerPoint

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Below is the order of service with brief section headings and descriptions. Below that is the full order of service with talk notes and PowerPoint prompts. Obviously the Word file of this looks better as it has formatting! Email me for it if you want it.


All Age Order of Service, Sun 13th Feb 2005 : Nehemiah and the Bible


Welcome- Sheila.

Looking at when Nehemiah brought out the Bible (OT) and read it to the people in the streets

My Jesus, my Saviour

Ewen- mini introduction.

Nehemiah 8 is read out and children have to be the first to find words in their order on the projector: Bring out, Read, Listen, Understand, Act

Prayer- A child

That the Lord would teach us and help us to hear Him speak through the Bible, and that we would act on what He says in the Bible.

Our God is a great big God while taking the OFFERING

Very youngest kids go out


Ewen: mini talk 1

¡§Mary Jones and her Bible¡¨. May we value the Bible and give it the place of prominence we should. Apply: put your Bible somewhere prominent.

Prayer- Sheila

Applying this bit of Ewen¡¦s talk and resolving before God to ¡¥bring the Bible out¡¦ and put it in its rightful place (somewhere where we will read it!)

It¡¦s a happy day

READ (v3)

Ewen: mini talk 2

Trying to read Gk, French, Japanese and blank versions of the Bible. We don¡¦t just honour the Bible as a ¡¥book¡¦- it¡¦s the words in it that matter to us- because they are how God speaks to us. So we must READ it for it to be of any use. Apply: set time aside to read it.

Have you got an appetite

Prayer- someone older

We resolve this morning to set time aside to read the Bible. Help us to know what/when is right for us


Ewen: mini talk 3

2 voices trying to guide someone blindfolded along an obstacle course. Then 2 v quiet whispers trying to guide while congregation gives ¡¥hubbub¡¦. Apply: we need to learn to hear God speak through the word. We need to find ways of ¡¥listening¡¦ that are helpful to us.

Hungry, I come to you

Prayer - Sheila

That we may learn to hear you speak to us¡K through the Bible mainly, but in other ways as well. Help us to find the ways that are helpful for us: maybe silence, praying in a beautiful place, music, praying as we DO things etc


Ewen ¡V mini talk 4

The people needed help to understand. We do too! It¡¦s more than just reading the Bible- it¡¦s KNOWING the truth that sets you free. That¡¦s why church and HGs are so important- we are helped to understand. Find a Bible version that helps you, whith commentary (NLT, NIV, Life Application Bibles)

Sheila- mini bit about Bible study notes

Holy Spirit we welcome you

ACT (v14)

Ewen ¡V mini talk 5

But it¡¦s not complete until you have ACTED on it. Like a game/competition (or combination padlock)- you don¡¦t win until you have COMPLETED it. In fact- this is our major weakness: it¡¦s not understanding all the tiny bits of the Bible, but rather acting on what we DO know! And it¡¦s acting on it that pleases God, shows obedience and is how we really learn. (I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand). Illustrate ¡¥understanding in doing¡¦ with Matthew¡¦ shock game! Apply: do not merely listen to the word, do what it says

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