Summary: You will not be ashamed nor will you be disgraced for trusting Him! Can we say Amen?

Promise Word for 2015!

Joel 2:27”You shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God and there is none else. And my people shall never again be put to shame.”

Wish you all a wonderful New Year! Here is the promise word for you: my people shall never again be put to shame! Isn’t that awesome? After more than a decade of working for Him, I can certainly say that God would never put us to shame! Hold on, this does not mean you never have seasons of suffering and humiliation, you do have heaps of them; nevertheless, I always think of that as being probably one of my greatest learning curves!

It would not have taken me five minutes to withdraw hot cash from my credit card and settle my dues, but that would be operating in flesh. After my encounter with Jesus and His promise to trust Him for my needs, I have never looked anywhere else to meet my needs except Him! However, it takes courage, mental grit, determination and commitment to have faith only in Him and wait for Him. With 1001 avenues to borrow, pledge and manipulate, very few have patience and faith to wait for Him. 1 Peter 2:6 says, “…he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame." Isn’t that soothing to hear? Cheer up friends, if you have bundled up your life, business, career and family and given it into His Hands, relax, He would take care of it. You will not be ashamed nor will you be disgraced for trusting Him! Can we say Amen?

The chief pursuit of many today is a career, a house, a car, foreign assignment, a hobby, a wardrobe and fun; are you listening? I mean what I say. Recently a young man told me, “I need time for my outdoor games, outings and my family” – there was no mention of GOD in his agenda. I went home and cried because I thought he would turn up as a good disciple of God. Friend, when we put God in the center of our life, blessings are guaranteed! Look at the above promise again: You shall know that I am in the midst of Israel! Amen.

On one particular day, I did face severe financial crisis in my life, we were not able to pay the Engineering fees for my daughter during the final semester of her exams – she was not allowed to enter the exam hall and there she stood outside and made a frantic call to us! I just cannot explain the angst and anguish in words! The humiliation that we had to face was unbearable, my husband tried talking to the college Principal but in vain! I prayed along with my husband over the phone and my husband left for the college; however, he stopped by near the bank just to check the balance and found a huge amount deposited just ten minutes back, when we had prayed! This is no fairy tale but our true testimony! Well, let me tell you the aftermath of this episode, my daughter had tasted the goodness of God in a very personal way in her life, she came out with good distinction marks and also within a month of finishing her B.Tech., got a job in a good multinational company. My daughter having experienced adversity in her life, handles money carefully, and wisely now! No university could have taught her this skill of money management better than the University of God! I repeat, God will never again put us to shame!

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