Summary: Nothing is too Hard for YHWH, at the right time he answers our prayers

Promise Gen. 18:14 - is there anything too hard for the Lord?

I will visit on the right time, Then you will have a blessing which cannot be destroyed

Nothing is too hard:

1. To help the weak is not too hard 2 Chr. 20:12

2. To rain the manna and quails is not too hard. Ex 16:13-14

3. To give victory to Goliath over David is not too hard. 1 Sam 17:47-49

4. To give water in the draught is not too hard. 1 Ki 18:45

5. To bring food to the starving nation is not too hard. 2 Ki 7:1

Time of God

1. Over the night there was a break through 2 Chr 20:12,21-23

2. God visited Sarah with a son after 10 months Gen. 21:1

3. He brought the manna and quails over the night

4. Gave victory over the philistines and Goaliath after 40 days 1 Sam 17:16

5. Great rain after 3 and half years 1 Ki. 18:45

6. Within 24 hours the Lord brought the food to the starving nation

Permanent blessings

God gives timely blessings, long standing blessings, and eternal blessings.

1. Timely blessings such as food, rain, victory over the battle

2. Long standing blessings such as Isaac and the generations of the Israel.

3. Eternal blessings of Salvation of the soul, removing the reproach forever in your life

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