3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: As we read and study Gods Word often we'll receive more light on the scriptures, this is the case with this new study, I trust it will be a help and blessing.

Introduction to the New Revised Revelation Study Series: Today Lord willing we'll began

a new study on the book of "THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST" -- so we'll be here for

quit awhile but we're not in any hurry, I hope you can listen to each and every

broadcast, if you have a way to copy off the radio I hope you will, then you can go

back and listen as often as you please. The Apostle John was the pastor in Ephesus

about a.d. 70. -- When Domitian became Emperor a.d. 81-96 -- he demanded that every one

that addressed him call him "Lord and God" --- He was bitter in his treatment of both

Jews and Christians because most would not call him "Lord and God". We read in;

Revelation 1:9 I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in

the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for

the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. So Domitian exiled John to the

Isle of Patmos because of what John was preaching. -- The small island of Patmos is

about 7.5 miles long and about 6 miles wide. With an area of 13 square miles, and a

circumference of 25 miles, it was a volcanic island, its landscape was rocky and

treeless. -- Rome would send prisoners there. ~ It was here in this isolated spot that

John received the visions that make up Revelation, it was while he was there that God

turned his bondage into a blessing. The Patmos of persecution became to John the open

door for service. He wrote the Revelation about a.d. 95 -96. When Domitian died after

only a 15 year reign in a.d.97 -- a new Emperor took over and John was allowed to

return to Ephesus, and we're told that there he died an old man, he was the last of the

Lords 12 Apostles to die. John was a son of Zebedee and Salome, Salome was the sister

of Mary the Lords mother, John and James were brothers, the martyrdom of James is the

only martyred apostle recorded in the N.T. >Acts 12:1-2 Now about that time Herod

the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church. -- 2 And he killed

James the brother of John with the sword. ~Judas hanged himself at the death of Jesus,

he was not a martyr. --------- John pinned 5 books of the N.T. -- the Gospel of John,

and 1st. -- 2nd. & 3rd. John, and the Revelation. ~ Let me say that every body is

not in full agreement as to understanding this book, and I certainly don't have the

last word on the matter either, I'm sure in the future as we read and study this book

that God will show us other great truths to do with this book. ------ ~ I want to point

out that Jesus Christ is the Subject of the book, also let's be sure and notice that

the word "Revelation" is singular, not plural--not "Revelations" but "The Revelation of

Jesus Christ." And it is not "The Revelation of St. John" as the heading in some bible

states, let me remind us that the "topics & foot notes" that we find in most of our

bibles are not the word of God, but of man and man makes mistakes. ~John was the

writer, but the Author was Jesus Christ. -------------- ~The word "Revelation" means an

appearing, a manifestation, a coming, an unveiling. ~ The central message of the Book

of Revelation is the return of Jesus Christ. ĆSeven times we're told that

He'll return in this book. (1:7; 2:25; 3:3-11; 22:7-12-20). -- So this Book is all

about His 2nd coming. ----- There are 54 - 7's in the Revelation, I have read more than

one time that there are 49 sevens, so I counted them for my self, there are 54 sevens.

Seven is Gods number for "spiritual completion and perfection" Listen, there are 7

dispensations of time. -- These 7 dispensations are periods of time that are marked off

in Scripture by some change in God's method of dealing with mankind, in respect of the

two questions: "of sin, and of man's responsibility." Each of the dispensations may be

regarded as a new test of the natural man, and each ends in judgment, marking man's

utter failure in every dispensation. Five of these dispensations, or periods of time,

have been fulfilled; we are living in the sixth, probably toward its close, and have

before us the seventh, and last: the millennium. Ć These Dispensations are

called: 1. Dispensation of Innocents. This dispensation extends from the creation of

Adam in Genesis 2:7 to the expulsion from Eden. Adam, created innocent and ignorant of

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