Summary: Find many fasicinating New Testament truths couched within Zechariah regarding both the first and second comings of Christ and His present ministry in heaven as our intercessor.

So many dear and central New Testament doctrines are contained in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is the New concealed, the New Testament is the Old revealed.

Unlike many topical sermons which pull verses out of context, we have here foundations of familiar New Testament verses. It is therefore very important to take the time and actually turn to the verses--more important than in many sermons.

Main Thought: There are several key New Testament teachings that are

expansions or variations of truths taught in Zechariah. Let’s delve into

a few of them.

I. Christ Our Advocate (3:1-5)

1. The Angel of the Lord in OT...preincarnate Son of God...

2. I John 2:1-2

3. Romans 8:33-34

Compare these verses. Do you see how the I John and Romans 8 verses are built on this section of Zechariah?

Skeptics claim that the New Testament writers invented all these doctrines---but here it is in the Old Testament; this is an important argument: the consistency and interwoven nature of Scripture. Be fascinated!!!

II. The Lord’s Work Empowered By His Spirit (4:1-6)

1. Acts 1:8, "You shall receive power"

2. During a power failure, none of your appliances are any good---refrigerator, dishwasher, televison--no power no operation....

3. This is NOT a New Testament novelty...Christianity can be found couched in Biblical Judaism!

III. Palm Sunday (9:9-10)

Look at how Palm Sunday was predicted here. These verses help us understand and interpret that event.

IV. Rejection of the Messiah, Thirty Pieces of Silver

(11:4, 7-13)---also 13:7

Predicts the Betrayal of Christ

This is another apologetic for the faith...but it gives Jesus perspective on the situation...He felt truly rejected by the nation, frustrated and disenchanted with their unbelief...

V. End Time Mega-Events

You cannot accurately understand the book of Revelation without grasping these texts..they are the foundation for Revelation...

1. For your own study...

(1) The Two Witnesses 4:11-14

(2) Babylon as the center of wickedness 5:5-11

(3) The Horsemen of the Apocalypse 6:1-8

(4) The crowning of the Messiah when He returns to reign

symbolized/foreshadowed 6:9-15 with 3:8

(5) The exaltation of the Jews during the Millennium 8:23

(6) The antichrist (11:15-17) cf. John 5:43

(7) A third of Israel survives the Tribulation and the nation is

purified as a result (13:8-9)

(8) Millennial blessings for Israel (14:8-21)

2. Passages we intend to examine together:

(1) 12:10--Israel receiving the Messiah Jesus

(2) 13:1-2--Israel’s national cleansing

(3) 14:2-5--Christ returns to earth from the Mount of Olives from

which He left (Acts 1:9-12)

CONCLUSION: This material may sound cerebral, but it is exciting. If you love the Word of God and you want to understand it, you must pay attention to the foundation. And Zechariah is that neglected foundational book!

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