Summary: This can be made into a series with each point as a sermon, Jesus said that he would not drink of the vine again until it was anew, so what is new wine?

Matthew 26.29

New Wine Is:

1. Pure wine (John 2.6.10)

a. Jesus could have used anything to make this new wine, yet he chose to use what was at hand and make it what he wanted it to by just like us.

b. Our lives before Christ are like the empty pots dark, rough, empty of our use, but when Christ steps in to the scene we become full of new wine.

c. The pots had a purpose that they were to fulfill, as do we.

d. The pots were for washing, purifying, and ceremonial cleansing

e. The only way that we can enter in to this new wine stage is to be Filled with His water, Cleans by his Blood, Made Pure in Him!

2. Changing wine. (Luke 5.37.38)

a. Jesus said that His wine could not be put into the old but had to be put into the new bottles, so that it could be contained and preserved.

b. God’s Spirit can not dwell in our old self, God cannot be present in Sin, and if you have that sin within your life from a little to a lot Christ cannot be present with you

c. You do not have his peace, joy, and Love indwelling.

d. But when Christ comes in you lifts you up makes new so that his wine can go through the test of time not breaking because his word is sufficient his wine is sufficient to keep you because you are his wine.

e. 2 Cor 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.

f. Gal 6:15 - For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

3. An Atoning wine (Matt 26.27.28)

a. Jesus said drink it all.

b. We have to drink all of his atoning blood.

c. Not just some of it but all. God is not a sometime God but all God.

d. He died for you; his blood spoke of better things than bulls and Goats, and forever atonement for you sins and my sins. – Heb 9.12.13, 10.4


4. Worshiping wine ( Acts 2.1.13)

a. The Holy Spirit had fallen up the church, and as they worshipped the people thought that they had tasted new wine.

b. But what they did not know was that the wine was a new wine of God and that wine made them knew (you see when you are touched by God all things become knew (Rev 21.5), this life is still here but we are now placed here within Christ dwelling inside of us through his Holy Spirit (Rom 8.1).

c. Old things are passed away and behold all things are knew, because of His wine, - 2 Cor 5.17,

d. His is the Vine, and for that we are to:

i. Worship Him.

ii. Dwell with Him.

iii. Joy in Him.

e. Through his purification they knew they had been changed, and now they had been atoned for so that they could worship him in his Glory forever.

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