Summary: Are you going to change your mistakes or continue to live the way you have been

1 New Years / the ending of 2007 / the beginning of 2008

2 Look back at 2007/ For others / For ourselves

3 A year is like a life span / It has a birth, a middle and a death.

4 Today what I want to ask is “What did you do with your life?”

• And what are you going to do with the New Life you have been given?

5 Part of New Years come with making Resolutions

6 What where your Resolutions for 2007 / How long did they last?

7 What are your resolutions for 2008? / And how are you going to treat them?

8 Today I thought it might be a good idea to look at some resolutions we can make to God

• To recommit to Him Spiritually

• A good place to start is by example

9 The believers form a community Acts 2:42-47

2008 Resolutions

• Teaching and Fellowship

• Sharing in meals or breaking of bread (not limited to the Lord’s Supper)

• Prayer

• Met together

• Shared with those in need (Money but not limited to)

• Worshipped together each day / met in homes / (This was more than a once a week gathering)

• Shared their meals with great Joy and Generosity

• All the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all people

And because of this / because of their attitude / the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. (Prerequisite)

(God isn’t going to send His New Children were they can’t be fed properly)

2008 is here /

• The old is gone / It has died / time for a new beginning / another chance

It’s the beginning of a new year /

• Filled with new challenges

• Need to start spending time with God everyday / By reading His Word

A new life /

• Filled with new hope

How are you going to live it?

• What commitments / Resolutions are you going to make / Keep for how long

• Are you going to change your mistakes or continue to live the way you have been

• Is this going to be the year that you give yourself completely to God

• The one who Gave His Life for you

• Or will it be just another resolution that falls by he wayside

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