Summary: The burden and Joy of the next season

The Next Season

John 5: 1-14

I. Jesus Intends to Bless You

The season is no accident / it is intentional

II. There Must Be Determination vv.6

You must want it as much as He wants to give it

Christ calls us to honest and spontaneous devotion to spiritual ends, its risks, but its reality, and purity, does not seem attractive

Nothing reveals a man to himself, as the answer he finds he can give to the simple question, “Are you willing to be made whole? Are you willing to be fitted for the highest and purest life?”

III. There Must Be No Confusion about the Source of the Blessing

He is looking for human aid vv7.

IV. Your situation or Circumstance Does Determine the Outcome vv.8-9

This man represents those who for many years have known their infirmity, and who have continued, if not very definitely to hope for spiritual vigour, at least to put themselves in the way of being healed —

It seemed as if his turn would never to come, though he has

seen many remarkable cures.

Thirty years this man had seen that water, knew that it healed people, put his hand in it, gazed on it, — yes, there it was, and could heal him, and yet his turn never came.

But now it’s his turn/ his time

Believe in His power, and you will have it. But do not hesitate, do not question, do not delay.

There must be no thought of failure, no making provision for a relapse; the bed must be rolled up as no longer needed.

We seem to live in doubt whether we should make bold to live as whole men. We take a few feeble steps, and return to the bed we have left.

From life by faith in Christ we sink back to life as we knew it without Christ

To make provision for failure is to secure failure.

V. It Is For Broadcast vv.12, 13, and 15



VI. Sin No More vv.15

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