Summary: Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions...why not resolve to be a better Christian?


Text: Acts 2:41 – 47


· Millions of people making new resolutions

· Dieting, quit smoking, exercise

· What about resolving to be a better Christian?


A. Begin with baptism (v. 41)

· Obedience in other areas

B. Study the Word (v. 42)

· Read at least a chapter every day

· Begin with Matthew

· Wednesday night Bible Study

· Take notes and restudy for yourself

C. Fellowship with others (v. 42)

· Church dinners

· Camping

· Willing Hearts / Men’s Fellowship / Youth Meetings and outings

· Decorating party

· VBS preparation

· Drama / Cantata

· Women’s Tea

· Valentine’s Dinner

· Homecoming

· Fellowship with other churches

D. Pray every day (v. 42)

· Prayer calendar

· Prayer chain

· Prayer meetings

· Pray for preacher and services

E. Help other people (vv. 44, 45)

· Food baskets

· Volunteer abilities and talents

· Visit the sick

· Encourage one another (say Amen once in a while!)

· Systematic giving to church and other ministries

· Missonaries, religious radio and tv

F. Go to church (v. 46)

· Don’t miss a service that you can be at

· Be there for special services (Good Friday, New Year’s Eve, Feetwashing / Communion, Youth services, Christmas)

· Be there for business meetings

G. Give God thanks (v. 46)

· Ask the blessing on your food

· Thank God for answered prayers

· Thank Him for something every time you pray

H. Praise the Lord (v. 47)

· Use your talents for worship (singing, playing an instrument, poetry)

· Testify

· Tell about what a scripture means to you

· Share about your conversion

· Tell about answered prayers

I. Be a witness (v. 47)

· Act like a Christian

· Invite others to church

· Talk to them about their soul

· Pray for them

· Get involved with bus ministry


· Review all nine resolutions

· People make resolutions every year and forget them

· Make these resolutions every day so you don’t forget!

· Keep them in your Bible

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