Summary: This sermon outline is inspired and taken from the book "The God Chaser’s". It was not my original idea. I pray that God will bless you as much as He blessed me from reading this book.

No Bread in the House of Bread

Ruth 1:1-6


What is the matter with the “Church” in America today? I have said it before and I will say it again today. We have our church services too programmed. We come in, pick up our bulletins and then put our brains on automatic pilot. The Priority of God’s presence has been lost in the modern Church.

If you will, please, indulge me in making an analogy that is not Biblical, but is true. The modern church of 2000 is like bakeries that are open, but has no bread too sell. Furthermore, we’re not interested in selling any bread in the first place. We just like to come for the chitchat around the cold ovens that use to bake fresh bread on a daily basis. We like to nibble on the crumbs of yesteryear’s revivals and talk about what God DID!

People are tired of our man made program’s. They are weary of our religious services. They don’t want to hear how things use to be. They want something that is spiritual yet real. This is why we have people that are willing to pay money for some pseudo psychic can read them a script over the telephone, and are energetic about conferences that teach them how to have “inner-peace”. People want BREAD, we are telling them that we have it and they are finding that what was advertised is not what we are delivering. Something is wrong!("The God Chasers")

I. People Want Bread (Ruth 1:1)

A. Bethlehem = House of Bread

B. Church = Bethlehem

C. People are leaving

II. We have the Bread (John 6:30-35)

A. We don’t let it flow

B. Too much Man – Not Enough God

1. How will it flow over our country if it can’t flow in our churches?

2. It must start here.

C. If we are not going to show people the bread of life, we can’t blame them for not coming.

III. When we decide to share the TRUE bread people will come. (Ruth 1:14-18)

A. Moab was a hard place

B. Bethlehem’s famine is over

C. More come back than originally left

D. People go where there is bread

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