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Summary: This sermon is about how that with God all things are possible. He provides a way out of whatever problem you are in.

Title: No Dead End Streets

Text: Exodus 14:13 -16 (quickview) 

Matthew 19:26 (quickview)  Mark 9:23 (quickview) 

“I discovered that the things that limited my effectiveness didn’t revolve around a change of geography. I had an inadequate perspective. The issues were all inside of me”

-Tom Clegg, Lost In America, Group Publishing

Genesis 18:14 (quickview) 

Exodus 14:8 (quickview)  “God brought them out with an high hand” KJV

“Who marched out boldly” NIV

“They left proudly and defiantly” Amp.

Matthew 17:20 (quickview) 

l. THEY HAD A SLAVE MENTALITY. Exodus 14:2 (quickview) ,3,12

A. They encountered a problem. Exodus 14:2 (quickview) 

Exodus 14:12 (quickview) 

B. They were entangled. Exodus 14:3 (quickview) 

C. This is the enemy’s devise. Exodus 14:5- 7 (quickview) 

ll. THEIR’S WERE A SAD MAYHEM. Exodus 14 (quickview) : 1-12

Mayhem: (Legal term) “any situation brought on by violence, confusion, noise, or disorder”. Webster’s Dictionary

A. The decision of Pharaoh to: Follow up. Exodus 14:1- 9 (quickview) 

B. The despair of the people to: Give up. Exodus 14:10- 12 (quickview) 

Hebrews 10:39 (quickview) 

lll. THE SAVIOR’S MIGHT. Exodus 14 (quickview) : 13,18

A. The declaration of Moses: Look up. Exodus 14:13 (quickview) , 14

“When the outlook is bleak, try the up look” - Warren Wiersbe

Psalm 121 (quickview) : 1 Luke 21:28 (quickview) 

1. Moses reminds them of God’s power.

a. Remove Fear Exodus 14:13 (quickview) a

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” -Franklin Roosevelt

2 Timothy 1:7 (quickview) 

“There are 365 ‘fear nots’ in the Bible, one for everyday of the year”

b. Remain Firm. Exodus 14:13 (quickview) b

Ephesians 6:13 (quickview) , 14a

2. Moses reassures them of God’s promise.

a. Relay on God to Fight for you. Exodus 14:14 (quickview) 

2 Chronicles 32:8 (quickview)  Psalm 24:8 (quickview) 

b. Run Forward Exodus 14:15 (quickview) 

B. The decree of God: Lift up. Exodus 14:15- 18 (quickview) 

John 12:32 (quickview) 

2 Chronicles 20:21 (quickview) 

Psalms 149:6 (quickview) 


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Susi Prabakaradoss

commented on Jul 12, 2007

Thanks for your messages.this message gives a new reflection of word of God

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