Summary: Excuses and how we use them in our lives.

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No Excuse for Excuses

LUKE 14:15-24


School Time Excuses

Douglas Bernstein, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois recently asked faculty members for the ‘most unusual, bizarre, and amazing student excuses’ they had ever heard. He got dozens of responses from his fellow professors:

* Grandparent death: an old favorite, but one professor’s class established some sort of record when 14 of 250 students reported their grandmother’s death just before final exams. In another class a student reported that he could not take a test because of his grandmother’s death. When the professor expressed condolences a week later, the student replied, ‘Don’t worry, she was terminal, but she is feeling much better now.’

* Car Problems: "I had an accident, the police impounded the car, and my paper is in the glove compartment."

* Animal Trauma: "I can’t be at the exam because my cat is having kittens and I am her coach."

* Crime: "I need to take the final early because the husband of a woman I am seeing is threatening to kill me."

We seem to have an excuse for everything, don’t we?

There are even websites on the internet that will help you generate an excuse! It is true... you type in the type of excuse you need and it generates one for you (

Also, you can by a doctor’s excuse from a licenced physician for $14.99 to give to your employer ( or PE or class or anyone else. I find that totally amazing!

What exactly is an excuse? In a court of law, "an excuse is a defense in which a defendant argues that he or she was not liable for his or her actions at the time a law was broken and thus he or she should not be held liable for a crime.

Excuses include diminished responsibility, duress, infancy, insanity, involuntary intoxication, mistake, provocation, and unconsciousness (

I think my favorite excuse from that list is ‘infancy.’ I was a baby when the crime happened... it wasn’t me!

I think an excuse is a reason we give when something happens that does not go our way. It is the ‘why’ we did something when we get caught. It is our reasons for not doing something we know we should do.

The Bible is full of people making excuses and making excuses is as old as human beings.

InGenesis chapter 3. Adam ate the forbidden fruit, then when confronted about it, he came up with an excuse: "The woman you put here with me-- she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it" (verse 12). Then the blame was shifted to Eve. What did Eve have to say? Genesis 3:13 records her excuse: "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."

It was the serpent’s turn and he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Excuses why people don’t attend church regularly.

Listen to some of the ones that I have heard.

Now that the nice summer weather is here I think we will stay home today and enjoy the beautiful day.

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