Summary: No more excuses for doing what God has called you to do!

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Exodus 3:11-4:14

What is your excuse?

We live in a world today where nobody every does wrong. There is always a reason for whatever bad happens to us. The supper was burnt because your mother called while I was cooking. The other cars were going faster then me, you forgot to call me and let me know what time to be, the goat ate my homework and the list could go on and on. Nobody wants to come to church or work in the church. I will not preach this am on coming to church because you are here but let us look at some excuses for not working in the church or for God elsewhere and see if you or I fit into any of these excuses.

We will look at the life of Moses and he will be our example.

1) Who am I? 3:11 Moses struggled with his identity. He just did not feel qualified- he though God had picked the wrong person. Every felt like that yourself? God why do you want me to sing or preach or teach or do anything you know that I am not the right person there are others better than me. That is the same excuse Gideon used when God called him to be the leader and deliver the Israelites from the mideonites. He might have just been quoting Moses. How did God respond? In verse 12 He says it doesn’t matter who you are I am with you!

Let me tell you who you are (read some from my list)

2) Excuse 2 Moses asked God who are you? 3:13 Moses lacked a sense of intimacy He did not know God well enough to describe him to the people. Can I tell you that is probably the number one problem in the church world today! WE do not have an intimate knowledge of God. We know him as a get out of hell free card and that is it. We need to have an intimate relationship, he has to know our deepest thoughts (and he does whether or not we admit it) but we need to be so close to Him we can hear him breath if you will.

Remember David and Goliath, the others did not know who God was yet

David did, while the others stood back David ran toward the giant and said God delivered me from he bear , the lion and He will deliver me from you. He knew the answer that God gave Moses in 3:14 I am that I am … Understand if you need healing –God is your healer If you need deliverance God is your deliver If you need peace God is the only one that can give it to you God is all that you need!

3) Excuse 3 what if they do not listen? That is my biggest problem – I cannot tell you how many times I have quit on Monday mornings my cry to God is something like this –Lord I preached my heart out , I did all I knew to do and they just sat there no one came forward to get saved or prayer or whatever the invitation was for . God, they are not listening!! And God has to remind me He has called me to be faithful to Him let him worry about the results! Noah preached 120 years and nobody paid him any attention until the rains came. I pray that people will pay attention before the rains come!

God’s response was basically when I am finished they will listen 4:2-9 I just pray that it will not be too late.

The doctors tell me not to eat nuts because of my divoticoulitius so I don’t when I am sick ;however, if I go 6 months and no problems and the pistachios are on sale I eat until I get sick. I beg you today don’t wait until sin has you captured before you turn to God and say I am listening I need you!

4) I am not a good speaker or teacher or whatever. Moses worried about his shortcomings. I tell you again it may be redundant to some of you but God does not choose the qualified if He did none of us would be able to work for Him but He qualifies the chosen!

Look at Paul a murder someone who hated Christianity and yet God said I will use him. Paul calls himself the cheifest the worst of all sinners and yet eh Lord used him mighty!

God tells Moses in 4:11-12 it was I who made your mouth –I made you so I can use you.

If God can take a boy from Macedonia and bring him to boogie bottom, God can take you anywhere!

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