Summary: Knowing the Bible for oneself is the only sure way to have confidence in our salvation. The Christian faith is an individual and personal faith. But many trust their faith to the study of others, and in turn are led astray by lies.

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“No Lie is of the Truth”

John 8:42-44


There are lies being told in our world today. I’ve been lied to, I’m sure you’ve been lied to. Lies aren’t always told by people with evil desires, sometimes they just don’t know the truth, and they say what they’ve always heard – and what they’ve always heard is a lie. But be sure there are some who lie, and they do it on purpose. Evil does exist. Jesus tells us that lies come from Satan. Notice He sends our thoughts back to the beginning, in verse 44. Let’s consider how lies destroy lives and what we as Christians must do about the lies that can steal the souls of our friends and families!

*Measure the Bible illustration (Hold up a ruler next to the Bible, and ask, by show of hands, if anyone believes that it is a length which is obviously untrue, next ask about a length that is believable, really close to the actual length, then shoe that you didn't tell them the actual length and that believing a lie is NOT as good as knowing the truth! They need to check the standard!)

1. In the beginning…

a. Genesis 3:1-5 – Eve is in paradise, the garden prepared for the objects of God’s love.

b. The Lie in verse 4! – Here it is.

c. If Eve had listened, and believed, but not acted on that belief, where is the sin? She would still be innocent, but she didn’t just believe, she acted on the false information. In her actions, she committed sin.

d. There is consequence to believing a lie, for Adam, Eve, and even for us. Cast out.

e. What if she’d said, “That’s not what God said!” If she had stood her ground on the word from God! This is exactly what we must do. Stand firm! Colossians 2:6-8

2. The Young Prophet…

a. Background, God sends this young prophet but commands him not to eat or drink, and to return by a different way.

b. 1 Kings 13:1-34 – He goes up to Israel to prophesy against King Jeroboam. The king had started a false system of worship, (Chapter 12) and God was sending this young prophet to correct him. And He does! Exactly as God instructed him.

c. 1 Kings 13:7-10 – The young prophet obeys the word of the Lord, refuses to eat with the King, and leaves by a different way. His job is done. He did well.

d. But there was an Old Prophet in that area. And he wanted to know this young prophet! Expect he wished him well, and was encouraged by another man of God.

e. He invites him to come to eat with him, but again the young prophet stands his ground, and obeys God. – vs. 17

f. But then, the old prophet lies! Verse 18-24. Can a man of God, a prophet, a preacher lie??? YES. That’s why I say check everything I say by the Book! I may miss something! I could stumble, but if we’re all following the Book, we can see the truth and correct one in error! Even if it’s someone we respect! I don’t know why this old prophet lies.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

g. But the young prophet believes him, and based on that false information, he disobeys God. Verse 26. WAIT A SECOND!! HE DIDN’T KNOW! But he didn’t ask either! Turn back to the Word, seek the truth over and over! Like the Bereans in Acts 17:11.

h. This is WHY we teach against false Doctrine! This Young Prophet lost his life because he disobeyed God, and he did it by believing a lie! He was pure in his motives, he trusted a man of God! He deserved the benefit of the doubt! But he died! GO CHECK WITH GOD! As he died physically, people today will die spiritually!

i. Revelation 12:9 – Satan deceives the whole world! Romans 3:23 & 2 Peter 3:9

3. The church…

a. 1 Timothy 4:1-2, we’ve been warned. Notice what they did, “gave heed” and they “speak lies”

b. Some are blindly following falsehoods, and are doing so thinking they follow God’s will (Young Prophet) but some actually know the truth, but lie. Verse 2.

c. This isn’t talking about the world, but the church! Notice the false religious activities in verse 3!

d. Verse 6 – When you correct a religious error God calls it Good!! But the world calls it bad! What do you think Satan calls it? Whose side are we on? Why is it that stepping on another’s toes that need to be stepped on is a bad thing?!?! Is it more caring to tell someone of the error, or allow them to die in sin, and spend eternity in Hell?

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