Summary: 10 of 10. Paul reveals the traits of unspiritual men. Unspiritual men are unable to exist in harmony. But Why? Because...No mere men can Overcome...

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NO MERE MEN-X—1Corinthians 3:1-23

—SECTION 3(:18-23) Their BOAST—


When it comes down to it, without tools, Mere Men’s abilities are severely limited, accomplishing only a very small amount of the work they desire.

All mankind realizes that their world is in need of a s(S)avior. Realizing that as Mere Men they cannot accomplish their greatest need…dealing decisively with sin.

Paul reveals the traits of unspiritual men.

Unspiritual men are unable to exist in harmony.

Why are the unspiritual unable to live in harmony?


As we have discovered previously—No mere men can Overcome...

—SECTION 1(3:1-9)—



2. DIET(:2-3a)Sustenance

3. ENVY(:3bi)

4. STRIFE(:3bii)



7. MINISTRY(:4-5)


9. LABOR(:8-9)

—SECTION 2(3:9-17)—


10. FOUNDATION(:9-11)

11. EDIFICE(:10b)

12. QUALITY(:12-15)

13. PURPOSE(3:16-17)

—SECTION 3(3:18-23)—

Their BOAST:

14. DECEPTION(:18-20)

No mere men can Overcome…

Their BOAST(:18-23)

15. POSSESSIONS(:21-23)


:21—“Therefore let no one boast in men. For all things are yours:”

Since the reasonings of the wise are useless, no one should “boast” in a person(cf. 1:11-13; 3:2-4ff.).

No one should “boast” in another because(“For”) “all things” belong to both the individual & the local church. “All things” are currently the possession of both the individual as well as the local church.

“Boasting in men” belies an assumption that some people possess, teach, & preach something above & beyond that of others.

“Boast”—kaucaomai—1) To glory (whether with reason or without); 2) To glory on account of a thing; 3) To glory in a thing. Strong—from some (obsolete)base akin to that of aucew(to boast) & eucomai[to wish; by implication--To pray to God]; To vaunt(in a good or a bad sense).

“Men”—anyrwpov—1) A human being, whether male or female; 2) indefinitely--Someone, a man, one; 3) in the plural--People; 4) joined with other words--Merchantman. Strong—from anhr[a man (properly as an individual male)] & wq(the countenance; from optanomai); Man-faced, i.e. A human being.

“All things”(See :22)—pav—Adj.—1) individually—1a) Each, every, any, all, the whole, everyone, all things, everything; 2) collectively—2a) Some of all types. Strong—All, any, every, the whole.

“Yours”(See :22)—umwn—1) Of yours. Strong—genitive case of umeiv; Of(from or concerning) you.

:22—“whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or death, or things present or things to come--all are yours.

“All things” include—Paul, Apollos, Cephas(apostleship/leadership), “the world,” “life”, “death”, the “present”, & the future.

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