Summary: Instead of making New Year resolutions, focus on your relationship with Jesus, value the eternal above the temporal, and let God guide your life this year.

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No New Year Resolutions. Rom. 12:1-5

INTRO.: New Year’s resolutions include ideas to make us look better and live longer, have more, and to get along better with others.

However, they usually serve only to generate guilt when we fail to keep them.

Let’s try not to make any resolutions this year. After all, our lives are in God’s hands, not ours. We have no idea what the new year will bring.

Some suggestions in lieu of New Year Resolutions:

I. Focus on your relationship with Jesus. Rom. 12:1

A. You must have one or you wouldn’t be here this morning:

1. It may be very close and intimate. He may be the center of your life’s activities.

2. Or it may be very casual, like ships that pass in the night.

3. ILLUS.: I stood in the checkout line with a young man so long I felt like I would miss him. However, our relationship was fleeting. There are people who know Jesus in just such a casual way.

4. You may have no relationship with Jesus. In that case, I wish I could talk with you.

B. Most folk never really focus on their relationship with Jesus.

1. They may be too busy.

2. They may spend their time worrying about others’ relationship with Jesus

3. ILLUS.: Jn. 21:22 - Peter was preoccupied with John’s relationship with Jesus.

C. How do we go about this?

1. Most of us think we must each find our own way.

2. It must be His way, not ours. Lk. 9:23

3. Think about Him, learn about Him, most of all read about Him in the Bible.

II. Value the eternal above the temporal. Rom. 12: 2

A. Follow Moses’ example: Heb. 11:24-26

1. He had all the riches and pleasures of Egyptian royalty.

2. Yet, he left it all to become the leader of a nation of slaves.

3. He set his priorities straight because he looked beyond this life. V. 26

4. He gave God His proper place. V. 27

B. Love not the world. I John. 2:15-17

1. If you are consumed with gaining possessions, power, etc., the love of the Father will be crowded out of your life.

2. The world and all in it you desire will pass away.

3. The man who does God’s will is the only one who will survive the Lord’s return.

C. Col. 3:1 - what is more important?

1. A large bank account or loving family?

2. A new car and boat or children who know the Lord and love you?

3. The “good life” or eternal life?

4. The Christian has died to sin and trusted his life to Christ.

5. When Christ appears, then we will realize any “sacrifices” were worth it.

III. Let God guide your life, not self-interest. Rom. 12: 3

A. Abraham’s example: Heb. 11:8-10

1. He followed God even though he didn’t know where he was headed.

2. His journey led him through hardship.

3. He was sustained because he knew his guide and his ultimate destination.

4. Maybe he realized another truth:

B. Try as you might, you cannot direct the affairs of your own life.

1. There are so many unknowns.

2. We have no control of our lives. James 4:13-17

3. This does not mean we shouldn’t make plans, but we should consider God’s will and direction when we do.

C. How does one let God guide his life?

1. Spend time reading His Word.

2. Make major decisions only after much prayer.

3. Do nothing of which He would disapprove.

4. Seek His Kingdom first and trust Him to meet your material needs.

CONC.: An office supervisor decided to post new years resolutions from his staff. One woman got upset when hers were accidentally omitted. She complained bitterly. The supervisor checked and found her list buried on his desk. Her first resolution: “I resolve not to get upset about little things.” She might just as well not have bothered making resolutions.

Instead of making resolutions this year, let’s just heed the foregoing advice from the Bible.

1. Focus on your relationship with Jesus.

2. Value the eternal above the temporal,

3. Let God’s will be your guide.

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