Summary: Exodus 20:3-5


Today we will talk about putting other things before God and how it is not suppose to happen.

Part one

In the world today it is easy to put things before God, and not even notice that you are doing it. You can be going about your day and believe that everything is going just fine, but is it really? If you were to reflect on your day, or your pervious day, did you spend time with God? Even when you get real busy in life, it is important that you still find time to spend with God.

Part two

The things that you and I do on the regular basis are nice things to do, and some of them may even be a lot of fun, but they cannot get us into heaven. Now I am not saying that you cannot have fun in life, but I am saying that you cannot forget about God. There are three parts to a day, and surely you can find time in your busy routine to spend at least 15 minutes a day with God. For he is the one that created you, and is also the one that will never turn on you.

Part three

You should start your day out giving thanks to God for waking you up to see a brand new day. Also, for giving you one more chance to get your life right. Please keep in mind that God did not have to give you one more chance, he could have just called you home. You should also take time out of your day at mid-day just to say thank you God for protecting me this far throughout the day. While you are thanking God for getting you half way through the day, someone else is standing at the gate wishing they had one more chance, just to get it right with God. Finally, you should thank God before you go to sleep, and ask him for forgiveness for the sins you have committed throughout the day. Also, ask that God watches over you throughout the night, even if that means calling you home that night,


The next day is not promised to you, yesterday is gone, but you are here today. Do not let this moment pass without asking God for forgiveness and thanking him for his mercy towards you. God does not want or needs your money, alll he ask for is your time. You have to spend time with your family to get to know them, and you have to spend time with God to get to know him too! AMEN

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