Summary: Lesson: We are saved instantly, but the process of growing in our faith comes gradually

Introduction: Verses that I wish were not in the Bible, but they are and I must deal with it.


• It is very common for man to make multiple attempts to break a record, or to complete a major feat in life. For some of you, it may have take 2,3,4….times before you passed you drivers test. No matter how good our intentions are, it usually takes man longer to accomplish his plans that originally thought possible. Ill: New Bay Bridge in SF just opened after nearly 25 yrs since it was damaged in the bay earthquake; billions of dollars over budget. Freedom tower is set to complete this year with years of delays and double the original price cost. Every contestant stated they would be this years next American Ninja Warrior, only to say they would come back and try again.

• With man, this should not surprise us, but it would seem that Jesus could get the job done every time, on time, instantly, right??

Read Mark 8:22-26

• The difficulty with this passage is that it seems that the cure was not complete and that in some way Jesus missed up in His attempt to heal this man. No other gospel writer includes this miracle, possibly because of is difficulty; but the writer Mark has a particular reason for including this puzzling event in his narration of Jesus’ ministry. Mark was intentional in his collection of content. Mark view this miracle not as a “mistake” but rather as a lesson that Jesus’ disciples are not learning: Lesson: We are saved instantly, but the process of growing in our faith comes gradually.

I. Miracles Always Have a Divine Process.

1. Jesus’ way is the best way. (There is not just one way Jesus’ healed; variety)

• However Jesus chose to heal was the right way for that particular person. Ask the blind man Jesus healed by his

very words. Ask the man covered in leprosy who was healed on his way to see the priest. Ask the lame man who

Jesus healed at the pool. Or the lame man healed after being lowered from the roof. There was no one particular

formula! The key in each healing was the faith of the person who sought healing.

2. Jesus’ time is the best time. (Jesus is never too early or late)

• The people brought this man to Jesus begging him to be touch, and yet Jesus waited to heal him outside the city


• Ask Jarius’ daughter about the timing of Jesus. While all said Jesus was late, that girl was not too dead for Jesus.

What about Lazarus? What about the feeding of the 5,000 & 4,000; they were not close to a store, yet that did not

limit Jesus.

3. Application: With each miracle recorded in the gospels, Jesus was in perfect step with His Father, and was never at a

place where the situation was outside of His power.

• God does not provide all the time instantly for my needs, and that’s ok!

• God will choose to intervene in His way and in His time for His glory. (Jn 11:4)

II. Miracles Always Validate Divine Provision. (personal touch)

• Jesus gave personal time and attention to this man!

1. Jesus’ personal touch: “Taking the man by the hand…”

• Jesus took the time to personally handle the man’s situation. The leading the man out the city of Bethsaida is very

important. Earlier, this town had rejected Jesus’ miracles and hardened their hearts toward His ministry (Matt.

11:21-24). Jesus could have dismissed the whole situation and left this man blind; but He takes the man outside of

the village in order to touch this man.

• Jesus touched the life of one despite the unbelief of many.

2. Jesus’ personal question: “Do you see anything?”

• Jesus did not have to follow up with any questions. But the question is for both the man and Jesus’

disciples. “Literally, are you satisfied with your sight?”

• The blind man was not content with part one. By his answer we would assume that he had at one time his sight,

but had lost it. He wanted more of Jesus!

3. Jesus’ personal command: “Do not even enter the village”

• It was common for Jesus to give those He healed a command: “Go, and sin no more.” “See that no one knows

about this.” “Get up, take your mat and go home.” “Go to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done

for you…”

• Jesus did not want the man going backing into this village a place of unbelief. This miracle would not change their

hearts about Jesus…but go home and make a difference.

4. Application: Ill: Outpouring, “follow the leader” page 30

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