Summary: This the story of the prodigal son and how went from be a lie of the party and seeing the light.

“No Place Like Home”

SUBTITLED: “Party All The Time”

Luke 15: 11-32


I would like to leave with you this thought, “No Place Like Home” or if there was a subtitle to this message it would be, “Party All the Time”.

We see here in our scripture that Jesus is telling a parable of a young man who made up in his mind, went out into the world, “Livin' la Vida Loca” or “Living a Crazy Life” but finally was lead back to the place he belonged---home.


Before we go any further, let's take a look at what a Prodigal is. A Prodigal is someone who is given to reckless extravagance, unstrained in spending or using up one's means, one spends or gives lavishly; one who is foolishly extravagant or as my mother would put it so bluntly a “spend thrift' or squander. He just spent his money here, there and everywhere but when the money runs out, when the wine, women and song is gone those who were his “friends” they ran out too.

Billie Holiday was right on the money in her song:

Money, you've got lot's of friends

Crowding round the door

When you're gone, spending ends

They don't come no more.

Rich relations give

Crust of bread and such

You can help yourself

But don't take too much

Mama may have, Papa may have

But God Bless the child that got his own

That's got his own.


Question, ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR LIFE? How serious is your life or you're like the Prodigal Son just throwing your life away spending your life's fortune over the foolishness of the world?

Singer Ruth Brown once said, “Life is like a butterfly. You can chase it or you can let it come to you.” A lot of people are chasing after life and chasing it in the wrong way. What are you chasing after or are you seeking and chasing it in the wrong thing. The Prodigal Amos gave us some good advise, “seek the Lord, and ye shall live” Amos 5:6. “To seek good, and not evil that you may live” Amos 5:14. You have to seek the good and not the bad. You have to seek the things of God and live. If you just let Christ be the Center of your life and He will show you a most life eternally.

Let me enlighten the ones who are out of the ark of safety that life is NOT always partying or a party. Look at the Prodigal Son, this wayward son had a change of heart and decided that being a hire servant for his father as far better than living in the “hog pen of life” Then when the father saw his wayward son from a far off he ran to him embraced and kissed him.

Here is a son that is badly stained from sin. He just left the filthy job feeding swines, one of the worst possible assignments for a Jewish lad. He had no change of clothes, nowhere to bathe but when he saw his father he had a change of heart and suddenly “washed clean” with forgiveness. But the father saw him and excepted him and in spite of the filth and stench, he kissed the boy which is a sign of forgiveness.

Now take notice of what was missing at this point, The father's silence was deafening while the son begins asking for forgiveness and apologizing, the Father is hugging and kissing him affectionately. There was indeed no condemnation from the father, who had forgiven the son long ago and was patiently waiting for him open arms wide for his loved one to return. And so does our Heavenly Father awaiting to forgive you and love all who strayed away from Him.

Keep in mind, that no matter how far you are, no matter high in life you get there is always home. Maya Angelou said it best, “The ache of home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are not to be questioned.”

When we are feeling lost or hurting or alone or afraid, God runs to us. We may not feel Him physically His loving touch but He is there. He can dry up tears and embraces us and like a good father would brings you safely home; that safe haven away from the sins and troubles of this world that be fronts you.

Jesus does loves you unconditionally and so in return, we should duplicate that love with others. Don't worry if you feel like that you are feeling short in God's plans in your life, His love continues towards us all we have to do is make this a REALITY in our lives today.


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