Summary: The Risen Christ remove or eliminate our doubts.

April 27, 2003


JOHN 19: 24-29

By: Rev. Sol B. Madlambayan

No Room For Doubt

Each Sunday is a grand day for all Believers and Christians because again and again we have this unique opportunity to Praise & Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. It is truly a unique opportunity because other people especially in a Muslim or Non-Christian dominated country, they don’t have the same freedom that we are enjoying.

We are very blessed that still we have this freedom at least for now. But how about if… the minority prevails which is the atheists groups, homosexual & gay clubs?

Now, these group of people are trying to destroy and shake the Godly foundation of this nation. But sad to say in some ways, their struggles paid off -they succeeded. As we all know, prayers, The Ten Commandments are not permitted in schools anymore. After that, what’s next?

That is why there are students like what happened in Columbine & the happening last week in Pennsylvania, the principal was killed & the student killed himself.

Why do you think these things happened? Shall we say it could be the influence of the movies plus the fact that the students are no longer aware that our lives is sacred, very precious and we are created in the image of God. We did not originated from the monkeys as what some students believe because of the Darwin’s theory which is taught in the school. Thank God! It is a blessing, if those students who have heard this theory that when they come home they have parents who are so concerned about their religious beliefs that they take time to discuss the biblical teaching of man’s creation as related in the Book of Genesis- we are created in the image of God.

Too many things that transpired in our day to day lives. Too many things to understand and live with – wars, violence, personal problems, etc. – things and circumstances that are hard to comprehend… So, doubt is borne in people’s mind.

There are many people nowadays who are the so called- “The Doubting Thomas of the Modern Times”.

The original doubting Thomas of the Bible learned about Jesus being raised from the dead. He heard about Jesus visiting the disciples while he is out.

v.25. The other disciples therefore said to him, “We have seen the Lord.” So he said to them, “Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into His side, I will not believe.”

We are just like Thomas- to see is to believe. But, interestingly the disciples were excited and they did testified to Thomas that they met & seen the Lord.

Thomas was looking for evidences that will help him decide if it is true or just a dream.

Thomas was right and he need concrete evidences to prove his doubts.

But, it is also my understanding that Thomas fails to realized that he is not dealing with just a mere human being but a Spiritual Being with an extra & super power ability… He is dealing with his Savior Jesus Christ who has risen from the dead.

At that point, Thomas was enveloped with doubts. Doubts that even in this computer age still exists. Why? Because many people are doubting if it is still profitable for them to go to church to sit and stay and listen to the message and participate in worshiping the Risen Lord.

How about you my friends? Did it come to our mind that there is a time that we have some doubts if this Fellowship will survive of not?

We may say, we’re just few, how can this go on, this fellowship may die soon or in the future.

Or sometimes we are afraid to invite others because we ourselves have doubts if this fellowship is true or just a cult.

I tell you this afternoon, this fellowship is founded in the Name of Jesus Christ who rose from the dead. The Name Jesus Christ which I will always love to preach can change our thoughts .. our lives… this fellowship cannot change you but Jesus Christ can do something in your life, that is ..if you will allow Him to do something for you.

I am here and Sis. Myrna as an instruments and ambassadors for Christ.

I am not here to promulgate my own theology or principles.

I myself could not even change even a single person here with my own ability. ONLY, the name JESUS CHRIST.

I will never ever get tired reminding you that we need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,

As long as the Holy Spirit tells me to say this to you I will not resist but obey.

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