Summary: Why the armour of God is invaluable in the daily affairs of every believer.

“No Shield, No Shoes, No Service”

Eph. 6:10-18


· When I used to work in restaurants, we had a policy that if a customer came in without a shirt or shoes, we would not serve them. Actually, it wasn’t just a restaurant policy. It was a law sent down by the Health Department.

· A person who leaves home and enters a restaurant, without a shirt, or isn’t wearing shoes, is advertising a certain lack of hygiene in their life. Not only is uncouth, it is unsanitary.

· Likewise, a Christian who leaves the church, and enters the harvest without the shield of Faith, breastplate of righteousness, etc, is advertising a lack of spiritual hygiene in their life. This, too, is uncouth and unspiritual

I. What you wear tells Who’s you are, 11 ‘the whole armour of God’

A. God’s armour is only for God’s army

1. God’s army is …

a. Already Saved

b. Able and Set Aside

c. Available to Service

2. What about physical apparel?

a. Women’s apparel, I Tim. 2:9; I Pet. 3:3-4

b. Men’s apparel: I Cor. 11:14

B. God’s armour is for confronting the devil

1. We confront him by standing, not running

2. We confront him by resisting, not giving in

II. What you wear tells What you’re doing, 12 ‘we wrestle not against…’

A. Fighting against the devil and his followers

1. They are not ‘flesh and blood’

2. They are organized, 12

B. Fighting for the cause of Christ

1. When we fight for the fatherless and widows

2. When we fight for the poor and needy

3. When we fight for the afflicted and abused

III. What you wear tells How you’re getting it done, 14-16 ‘wherefore…’

A. Christians get it done With Truth, 14a

B. Christians get it done With Righteousness, 14b

C. Christians get it done With the Gospel, 15

D. Christians get it done With Faith, 16

E. Christians get it done With Salvation, 17a

F. Christians get it done With the Word, 17b

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