Summary: There is no time to waiste about serving the Lord


JOHN 4:31-38


As I was reading my scripture this last week I found myself focusing on this particular scriptures and then some simple words just jumped out as a challenge to me and I hope to you.

If Jesus said 2000 years ago that the fields are ripe unto harvest and time is short how much closer are we to the day when Jesus will return and take us to heaven with him?

We don’t have time to waist on the little things that are only temporary anyway. “The things I do for self will past and the things I do for Christ will last.” What are we doing for Christ today?

I. Lift up Your Eyes v.35

A. This is an action only you can accomplish. No one can make you

B. Lift up your eyes off your own self, your own problems, and your next step.

C. Lift up your eyes from the microscopic examination of others. Quit being critical.

II. Look on the Fields. v.35

A. Notice their color. White already to harvest.

B. The time has come for the harvest and yet Jesus has said the laborers are few.

C. Get a burden for the lost!!

III. Reap that whereon ye bestowed NO Labor. V. 38

A. Fields are ripe.

B. Labors are few.

C. Those that reap receive rewards.

D. Rejoicing will be from both the saved and the one that led them to that saving knowledge.

- There is no time to waist.

- Bring them in

You can’t labor when you are not right with God.

You can’t labor when you carry bitterness within the heart.

You can make things right with God and with man.

- There is not substitute for old fashion revival.

When revival is here:

The labors will be many

The harvest will be great

The rejoicing will be plenteous

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