Summary: This sermon addresses the importance of authenticity in creating a safe, supportive, "no wake" zone in relationships, including marriage, family, friends, co-workers and other types of core relationships.

We are in week two of our series No Wake Zone. We just really believe that in this culture and world that we’re in, we get beaten around so much in our life that we need some healthy places in our life, a no wake zone, if you will. Having a no wake zone, a place of rest and refreshment, whether that’s in your marriage, with your children, co workers, extended family, that just doesn’t happen overnight. We have to really happen to that. That’s what this series is about, taking a look at some Biblical principles that could really help us with that.

Let’s just recap where we were last week, in week one, in case you weren’t here, or, in case you were here and you weren’t listening. We’re going to give you this again. The greatest feedback we got from last week’s message was the questions that we asked to help us assess our weight, because that’s all that last week was about, assessing our wake. We said that a wake is really the result that our life leaves behind. We all leave a wake. We said last week that we are one hundred percent responsible for the wake that we leave. Then, last week, we gave you some questions. We put all these questions on your handout again in hopes that maybe you could spend some time wrestling with these questions this week so you can better assess your weight. You’ll never have a no wake zone relationship until you really own your own personal wake.

Here are some of those questions. Are people better off when I move through their life? That’s a question to assess your wake. If they had the choice, would they do the relationship all over again? Boy, that question prompted several emails and it was a difficult one to wrestle with. The third one, does my wake leave people encouraged or drained? Does my wake encourage growth in others? A wake can be positive or a wake can be negative. Does my wake leave people inspired or insecure? What is their countenance saying about my character? Guys, remember, we said last week that very often you can tell what your wake is like by the countenance of your wife or the countenance of your children. They will be wearing the affects of your wake on their face. Then lastly, does anyone ever come to me with a problem? High wake people don’t have folks that come to them and open up with them because it’s really hard to get to them, and they’re afraid they might get hurt.

Now, why are we spending so much time and effort and energy on this series? Here is the reason. Can I just say to you this morning, there is no pain like family pain. Is that a safe thing to say? People that you let into your life, whether that’s a spouse, whether that’s children, extended family, people that we let you into our lives at that level can really, really hurt us. I spend the bulk of my time, really dealing with folks that are really in the midst of some really serious, serious pain. This series, I believe, can be transformational.

I have to tell you, in the last service I was so worked up. I felt like I’ve already preached three times this morning. Here is the reason. I am so, so passionate about what we’re talking about today. So, we’re going to say a lot of things. I’m just going have to ask you, could you just lock in here for a few minutes, and let’s see what God has to say to us, because I believe he wants to bring some healing in some of these hurting relationships we have.

I meet couples and folks that are hurt in relationship. You know, the number one thing I think folks are looking for? I think folks are looking for hope. I hear people, and even had a conversation this week. Is it ever going to get any better? Am I ever going to get any peace? Is this ever going to change? Really, what we’re crying out for, is there any hope for these relationships that I have, or this wayward child, for this marriage that’s bad, for a father-in-law who won’t speak to me? Is there any hope for this? The answer to that is yes. When Jesus Christ stepped out of the grave two thousand years ago, the rules changed didn’t they? There is hope no matter what the situation you’re in. Now, here’s the thing, let me just say this. Unless and until you are willing to assess your weight, and unless and until you’re willing to own the sin that is in your life, you are never a candidate for God’s hope and healing in your life. That is really the link between God stepping in and bringing some healing and some hope, and that is when you call your sin what God calls your sin. Unless and until you’re willing to do that, God’s not going to step in and bring healing and bring the hope that he wants to bring into your relationship.

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