Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What happened after the Flood?

This weekend, millions of people will go to theaters to see the movie Noah starring Russell Crowe. It is a story from the Bible, God’s Word. How are we, Believers of Christ, to handle this?

If asked about this upcoming movie Noah:

1. We are to tell people that the producers themselves state that there are additions to the biblical story for artistic and entertainment value!

2. Pray about honoring the Lord regarding our attitudes and what to share.

3. Ask if there is an interest in knowing the biblical truths about Noah and the Flood.

God has given us what we need to know in the Bible. God tells us why there was a worldwide flood. God tells us what were saved and how. God tells us what happened after the flood. God tells us what the ark and the flood represent.

May we all be prepared and ready to share truths to our relatives and friends, especially as the hype for this movie Noah is upon us.

Before we learn from God’s Word, let us together pray our commitment to God’s Word…

Open your Bibles to Genesis Chapter 8; we will also refer to some verses in Genesis 9….. Read along with me Genesis 8…..

What are the main truths we are to note from this passage?

First of all, let us make sure we understand that God never forgets; God made a guaranteed promise, a covenant, in saving Noah and the animals; when v1 states God remembers, God is just saying He would do now what He promised. And so, what do we read in how God stopped the flood and dried up the earth?

v1-2: God closed the water springs of the deep and the rain from the sky. God also sent wind to evaporate the water.

v3-5: Waters receded and the ark stopped on a mountain and tops of other mountains became visible.

v6-7: Noah waited 40 days after the ark stopped and sent out a raven which just flew back and forth.

v8-9: Noah also sent out a dove but it returned to the ark.

Why a raven then a dove? That will be your homework to find out; I think there is a difference between a raven and a dove in bird personality.

Now, let us note that we don’t hear God speaking to Noah about what to do at this point do we? Noah just did what he thought was the best action to take. Noah was a farmer; I bet he knew his birds!

There is a biblical principle here: God can be quiet in spite of trying circumstances and God wants us to take action the best we can.

And so after the dove came back, what did Noah do next? What do you think you would have done? Many of us probably would not last 7 days cooped up in a boat!! As soon as the ark stopped, I probably would have opened all the doors and kicked out all the animals!! Out, out, out!!! Did God know what He was doing when He picked Noah? Noah was a man of wisdom with lots and lots of patience! I wonder if Russell Crowe as Noah will have patience?

What did Noah do after the dove came back?

v10: After waiting for 7 more days, Noah sent out another dove.

v11: the dove came back in the evening with a freshly plucked olive leaf!! How excited do you think Noah was at that point??

Don’t you think that would have been the time to open all the doors and kicked out all the animals? Again, I would have said to the animals, Out, Out, Out!!! But what did Noah do?


And look again at v13-14; about how long was Noah and his family in the ark??

v13: Noah and his family were in the ark for over one year! We can also note from v13 that Noah knew the flood was over; he saw that the ground was dry! Now, why do you think God spoke in v15??

Noah knew the ground was dry but he was still in the ark for almost 2 months! Noah was wise and patient, but do we note fear or laziness here for not getting out of the ark?

God will speak to us when we have fears or lazy! The question of course is will we listen and do what God tells us? We note in v18-19: Noah obeyed God!

And what else do we note from Noah in v20?

v20-21: Noah sincerely worshiped God!

And what significant truths can we note from v21?

v21: Even though every inclination of people’s hearts is evil, God will not flood the earth again but actually provide!

In Genesis 9, we can read that God blessed Noah, his family, and all the animals! God was so good to Noah and his family that God changed their diet; look at Genesis 9:3…..

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