Summary: Why did the flood came and why did Good save Noah?

For entertainment, many of us like to go to a theater and watch a movie. Many of you know that in a few weeks a movie titled Noah, starring Russell Crowe - picture, will be shown in many theaters. As our relatives and friends will likely ask us about it, How should we handle this upcoming Noah movie?

Let us note first of all that the movie is promoted with this statement: The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.

So, what are the producers of the film saying right off the bat? Just like any other movie which depicts a real life story, there will be things added in this movie of the Biblical Story of Noah for artistic and entertainment value!

If our relatives and friends asks us about the movie, I believe this is the first thing we should tell them. 1. The producers themselves, of this Noah Movie, tell us that there will be additions to the biblical account for artistic and entertainment value!

Should we then tell our relatives and friends not to see this Noah Movie? The 2nd thing we must do for this upcoming Noah Movie is to have a prayerful attitude. 2. Ask God if you yourself should see this Noah Movie and pray what you would share to your relatives and friends.

And of course, as we had recently learned to pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, we are to pray about evangelism, sharing the Good News of God and how His Kingdom expands through Jesus Christ. And so, if a relative or a friend asks you about the Noah movie, 3. Be ready to tell them about the Good News of the ark and what it represents. How can we be ready? We are to be ready to tell the truths from God’s Word. Why was there a flood? Why was Noah and his family saved? What else were saved? What actually happened during and after the flood? What is the significance of the ark?

Let’s open God’s Book and learn and be ready to tell the truths! Let’s look at Genesis Chapter 6 today….

Read along with me starting with Genesis 5:28 and then Chapter 6……

When I saw the movie trailer for Noah, it featured Russell Crowe talking to an old man, who was Sir Anthony Hopkins; I thought for sure Anthony Hopkins was Noah’s Father Lamech; but came to find out that Anthony Hopkins plays Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather! And so, were Noah’s grandfather or father around when the flood came?

Look ahead a bit with me to Gen. 7:6….

Now going back to Genesis 5:28-32, if we do the math,

Gen. 5:28-32 – Lamech was Noah’s father but died just 5 years before the flood!

And so what about Methuselah, since he is in the movie? Methuselah was the oldest man who ever lived! How old was Methuselah when he died??

Gen. 5:25-27 – Methuselah lived 969 years and so (again if we do the math) he was around when the flood came!

And so, is the movie right? Methuselah was around when the flood came BUT here’s what’s interesting, God does not mention him in the flood story. In the Bible, we do not hear anything from Methuselah regarding the flood; but in the movie, Methuselah speaks; why? Don’t you think they had to pay Sir Anthony Hopkins some pretty good money to be in the movie? And with all that money, do you think they would have kept Anthony Hopkins not say a word? With big time actors Russell Crowe, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lehrman, and Jennifer Connely in the movie, are you getting the idea yet why they made this movie?

God tells us that we really don’t need to hear from Methuselah, but the producers of the Noah movie think we do. We should not close our ears to what the worlds is saying but we should know the difference and choose the truth!

Let’s listen more to what God has to say to us about Noah and the flood. Now, I preached on Genesis a while back, so we will only look at the major events in the story. This morning we will answer 3 major questions: Why was there a flood? Why did God save Noah? How did God save Noah?

Why was there a flood?

Gen. 6:7 & 17….. God decided to wipeout all creatures on earth.

God is the only one who has the right and the power to fully flood the earth. A creator can really do whatever he wants to his created!

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