Summary: Noah can teach so much how to be a Crazy Christian, someone who is radically obedient to what God wants, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Noah - The Crazy Weatherman

Pastor Glenn Newton

June 5, 2005

Genesis 6: 5-22 Read

The first thing I notice in our passage this morning, in verse 5 and 6, is that God is watching us, not only as individuals and how we live, but also as a whole... as His creation.

God deeply cares more than we realize how our world is responding to His Truth, to His Message of Hope, and most importantly to His Son Jesus Christ. Why is this important?

Some might have the idea that we can live our Christian lives to ourselves, and just kind of watch the world go by, on their way to hell... and as long as we take care of ourselves, we are going to be OK. I want you to know that God looks at the whole, and we make up a part of that, and we need to be concerned about our nation, about our world.. We need to be light, we need to have influence, as Christians we have a Mandate to “Go” and make an impact, a difference in our world. Your calling goes beyond these four walls, your calling goes beyond the four walls of your home... don’t ever forget who you are and what God has called you to do.... This morning let’s look at a man who made a difference... in fact, he may have saved all of humankind because of his faithfulness to God.

Let’s look at verse 5,6 together... Read.

“Evil filled the thoughts and imagination of everyone’s heart... this includes the mind.” People were reveling in their sin... they were not only living sinful lifestyles... they were promoting their lifestyles.... wanting others to accept their sinful lifestyles as normal, as acceptable.

Does that sound familiar?

*There is a push in every corner now to legalize drugs... to make it acceptable.

*Hollywood has made the homosexual lifestyle commonplace, there is a homosexual character on almost every sitcom. The gay agenda is to sue for the right to marry, to recieve the same benefits of a married couple..... Why? They want us to accept their sinful lifestyle as acceptable... I believe God’s heart is grieved.... is yours?

* Sexual immorality has spread like a plague... premarital sex, extra-marital sex, you name it, it’s out there... We have been watching a known pedophile on TV for weeks now as he is on trial for molesting young boys, but his fans don’t seem to care... and for the most part I don’t think America it to disturbed.... Michael Jackson says it’s normal....

I could go on this morning... but I hope you get the point... we live in a world that is not that different from Noah’s day... I believe God’s heart is grieved...... and our hearts need to be broken because of what sin is doing to our country, in our community and in our own families. Christians, don’t let the corruption of our world destroy your families, your values, don’t be lulled to sleep.... look what’s going on around you... and more important... examine your own heart and mind and see if anything is being allowed in your own life, in your own way of thinking that would be displeasing to God... if so, Repent and turn away from those things..... and God will be pleased with you.

God makes a decision in verse 7, let’s read what He decides to do.

Let me tell you.. God hates sin... He will judge sin every time... don’t make any mistake... if your living in a sinning lifestyle... you need to repent and ask God for forgiveness, because God does not change, He is Holy and he wants His people to live Holy lives.... The wages of sin is death. Sin always brings judgment.... in this case God wants to wipe out all of creation... I would say He has seen enough.

Thank Goodness for verse 8... “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.” Without that verse in the Bible... we might not have anything else to read in the Bible, because no one would be here to write it or read it. One man made a difference for all eternity.


Let’s find out why Noah found favor with God... this is important, we need to hear this today... in the days we live in I believe God is still looking for men and women who He can Favor....... will you be one of those, you can be... listen to verse 9.

“ GE 6:9 This is the account of Noah.

Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.”

I’ve read that verse many times this last week..... you know for a guy to save the whole world from destruction... I was thinking maybe there would be more to it than what I kept reading. Listen to what I didn’t find when I read this verse..

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