Summary: The Obedience of One Man and it’s results.



A. The Book of Genesis is the Book of Beginnings

1. The Beginning of the world, human race,

sin in the world, promise of redemption


2. The Beginning of Family life, man made

civilization, nations of the world,

and Hebrew race Gen.4-11, 12-50

B. Gen.6 presents a very dark picture of the

first civilization

1. Evil had grown rampant. It threatened

to destroy everything that was good.

2. Only one righteous man remained, Noah,

a man who walked with God.

I. WHAT GOD SAW Gen.6:5-6, 11-12

A. What God saw was SIN

1. So evil had the world become that

God regretted that He had made man

2. This does not mean that God made

a mistake in his dealings with men

3. Instead it indicates a change in

Divine direction. Num.23:19

"The Lord was grieved that he

had made man on the earth, and his

heart was filled with pain" Gen.6:6

4. This is what Sin does to the

heart of God. He sees it - then

He is saddened by it until we

confess it and receive

forgiveness from Him.

5. These people were obsessed with

sin v.5 very much like our

society today.

6. Sin begins in the heart, and then

like a disease infects and

affects the whole body -


B. God also saw a Spiritual Giant v.8

1. This is the first time GRACE is

used in the Bible.

2. God extended his unmerited favor

towards Noah as He does us today.


3. Noah is called a preacher of

righteousness II Pet.2:5

4. This is proved by his unquestioned

obedience Gen.6:22; 7:5

5. How the Church today needs

spiritual giants like Noah,

willing to stand up for the truth,

and not compromise to the ways of

the world.

II. WHAT GOD SAID 6:13, 17

A. God is deadly serious about punishing sin

1. He had given them adequate time to

repent, but his patience was wearing

thin after 150 years of preaching.

2. I Pet.3:20 speaks of the long-

suffering of God waiting in the

days of Noah

3. He still waits today, but one day

He will no longer wait.

B. God washed the world clean through a

Universal Flood 7:11-12, 17-24

1. Water from above and below engulfed

the earth.

2. Here was the universal judgment of

God upon a universally wicked


C. When God says something, we better know

that He means it.

1. One Day Jesus is coming and the

earth will be burned up II Pet.3:10-12

2. Many will scoff at that promise,

but will be shocked and unprepared when

that Great Day arrives, including many

Christians who are not walking with the

Lord as they should.


A. God in His mercy always provides a

way of escape Gen.6:14-16

1. There was salvation, security

and sufficiency in the ark -Like

being in the Church today Acts 20:28

2. The Door was open wide to all

who would believe the preaching of


B. There is always an Ark of Safety with


1. But so few avail themselves of

this great favor!

2. In the days of the Great Flood,

only 8 souls were saved I Pet.3:20

3. Matt 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at

the strait gate: for wide is the

gate, and broad is the way, that

leadeth to destruction, and many

there be which go in thereat:

Because strait is the gate, and

narrow is the way, which leadeth

unto life, and few there be that

find it”

C. God wants all to be saved - 1 Tim

2:4 “Who will have all men to be saved,

and to come unto the knowledge of the


1. But we are the ones who make

the final choice.

2. Right now the door is wide

open Rev.3:20; II Cor.6:2

3. But it could close at any time - Heb.9:27; Jas.4:14

4. When it does, it will not open

again - Matt.25:1-12

INVITATION: Gen.7:1 “Come thou and all thy house into the ark”

1. This is really a story of the Gospel in a Ship. Salvation by Grace through Faith.

2. After the Flood, Noah and his family were given a new beginning. God always gives

us a chance to start over again if we are willing to take it.

3. Noah and his family were given the opportunity to build a better world. God showed

them the rainbow as a promise that He would never again flood the earth.

4. God offers us a better world when we come to Him and are saved through obedience

to His Word. Water is still the instrument of salvation today too. Dividing line between

saved and unsaved (Red Sea). You can cross that line today! Acts 2:38; 22:16

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