Summary: Noah (You leave me no choice part 1) - Genesis chapters 5 to 6 – sermon by Gordon Curley PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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Chapter 5: Just a list of names?

• 2 men who followed

• 3 recurring Words.

Chapter 6: Just waiting to happen!

• The fact of the flood.

• The purpose of the flood

• The grace of God



• As you are sitting on two sides of the room;

• Let’s have a game of word tennis.

• I will ask a question and somebody on your side must answer;

• The question then goes to the other side who will answer/hit it back.

• We will see who gets the point and who loses.

• Obviously you cannot repeat an answer;

• And I am looking for British Prime Ministers.

• So can this side start me off?

• TRANSITION: One name that never comes up is that of Herbert Asquith.

• He served as the Liberal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916

• He once spent a weekend at the Waddesdon;

• Which is the estate of the 19th-century wealthy Rothschild family.

• As Asquith was being waited on at teatime by the butler,

• The following conversation ensued:

• "Tea, coffee, or a peach from off the wall, sir?"

• "Tea, please," answered Asquith.

• "China, India, or Ceylon, sir?" asked the butler.

• "China, please." answered Asquith.

• "Lemon, milk, or cream, sir?"

• "Milk, please," replied Asquith.

• "Jersey, Hereford, or Shorthorn, sir?" asked the butler.

• TRANSITION: sometime the choices we make are trivial!

• But at other times they are important,

• There will be people in hospitals this day,

• And the choices they make will result in life or death!

The subject I have been asked to speak on is Noah (You leave me no choice):

• And as surely as eggs are eggs;

• The human race gave God no choice;

• Concerning the action he took in Genesis chapters 6-9.

• Now before we come to the sad and bad news of chapter 6;

• Let’s scan through chapter 5 and see what led God to this decision.

Chapter 5: Just a List of Names?

• Chapter 5 is a list of names.

• And you might be thinking we have enough names of our own.


• The top5 UK boys' names for 2016 were:

1. Oliver

2. Jack

3. Harry

4. George

5. Jacob

• The top 5 UK girls' names for 2016 were:

1. Amelia

2. Olivia

3. Emily

4. Isla

5. Ava

• TRANSITION: on first reading chapter 5 is a list of names.

• And it might seem as interesting as reading a telephone directory.

• But it is not just a list of names it is a genealogy.

(1). 2 Men Who Followed.

• We have listed here ten men

• The list starts with Adam and ends with Noah.


• Now without looking at your Bibles;

• Question: Can you remember any of the other 8 men mentioned?

• Answer:

• (Adam), Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuseleh, Lamech (Noah)

• It is more than a list of names;

• Because it is a record of ten men and in particular two men who lived by faith;

• In a time of increasing unbelief and widespread wickedness.

• These two men in particular stand before us as giants of the faith,

• Men who refused to follow the prevailing cultural trends of their day.

• In a world were men are pursuing all kinds of evil,

• These men followed the way of the Lord.


• Years ago you used to see a T-shirt sold in Christian bookshops.

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