Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The moment you start walking close with God through consistent prayer, fasting and reading of His Word, the devil would flee!

They dare not touch you!

Psalm 105:14”…he allowed no one to oppress them….”

After giving water baptism for two young girls in our church, we returned home and I was not able to come out of that anointing! Yes, I felt the presence of God in a mighty way at the place of baptism. One particular young lady was a hindu convert and she had been tortured by demonic attacks in the night and in dreams, during her initial period of accepting Christ. When she joined our Church, I started teaching her to fast, pray, read the Bible and discipline in church attendance, gradually she started experiencing deliverance. Did you see that, deliverance does not happen by looking here and there, set right your spiritual life and then you would experience the same joy. The night before taking water baptism, she saw the entire scene of baptism and me in the dream, excited she came beaming and narrated the dream the next day. The moment you start walking close with God through consistent prayer, fasting and reading of His Word, the devil would flee! I said the devil would scoot! Jesus would allow none to oppress you!

I have traveled alone to many cities, villages and also stayed alone in my room after dealing with many demonically oppressed people during the day in the meetings; yet, nothing harmed me. I repeat, He would allow none to oppress you!

What is the problem that you are facing today? Are you harassed and oppressed at work, home, college or anywhere? Go face down to God, set right your crooked ways and get His favor so that none can oppress you. Are you listening? K. Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telagana State, - the place where I live in India - met a nineteen year old girl Pratyusha in the hospital along with his family, who was tortured by her own father and step mother for several months leaving severe cuts, bruises and burnt marks on her body. Touched by the girl’s agony and afflictions, he offered (hold your breath now!) : protection by Police and district authorities, free education, cheque for 5 lakh rupees, lunch with her, invited her to visit his home any time she wanted to and then he said the most beautiful thing: ‘ I’m there for you!’ If just a visit of a Chief Minister of a State could change the life of a girl so much, imagine how your life would change if only you come under the wings of Jesus! Ponder!

Every day we read and hear about ghastly incidents going on around the world; let not fear and angst grip you, lay down your family, children and loved ones at the feet of the Lord. Stay close to God, do not wander, He will take care of you! Menace of street dogs near our school premises worried us because little children would walk to school, since all our efforts to nab them failed, we started praying for the safety of the children. Till date the kids are safe! He would allow none to oppress you!

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Silika Toga

commented on Feb 17, 2017

Praise the Lord for beautiful words, May our Great Lord continue to give you his spiritual strength as you continue to do his calling, God Blessed

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