Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God can do wonders and mould us fabulously only when we truly cooperate with Him!

DAY 15 of 40 days of fasting! Join to experience His Power!

Not easily angered!

1 Corinthians 13:5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

This devotion has a prophetic word for each one of you that will affect your personal life, your relationships, your ministry, your business, your homes and work spots, so watch out for the blinkers that God places before you today!

The usually cool Viswanathan Anand reacted oddly and snapped at a journalist after two consecutive defeats during the recent World chess championship clash in Chennai. It is okay to be cool and poise when you’re on the throne but when the carpet is about to be pulled under your feet, how do you react? The charade peels away when the pressure sets in! It is paramount how you react when it is mayhem around you! Are you there? Tough! Friend, during my recent train journey, I found people getting irritated very soon and tempers flying sky high for petty issues. When I shared Jesus with a man sitting next to me, he totally ignored me at the start, I shared with him of how I would react to circumstances before Christ entered my life and how now God through His grace allows me to endure an offence. This man then said that he was from a strict hindu background, he was not interested with religious stuff but when I told him the end product of loving Jesus, he was absolutely amazed. Friend, you need Jesus to stay calm and composed when everything around you makes you go crazy!

Friend, irritation, bitterness can sabotage lines of communication and ultimately destroy relationships. Well, sometimes immediately after I preach a message I get battered on the very area I preached, I have to go through the test, God watches how I go through the circumstances having preached it perfectly. Being a preacher, teacher, writer and with the added responsibility of being a wife, cook and a mother of two kids, there are several times during the day the devil dodges me to step out of grace and make me sin. I really need to walk very close to God in order not to step out of the anointing. When I am tempted to give in, I actually have a split-second choice - I could choose to respond like Jesus or like Bala. If you are married, listen to me, when you are shouted at, you have a choice of acting like Jesus and remain calm or you can be smart and boisterous like the world and fight for justice. If you learn to remain silent many marriages could have been saved. Are you listening???

God can do wonders and mould us fabulously only when we truly cooperate with Him! There are church goers who set a bad example at home, market place and to the world when they fail to swallow hurt and pain. We need to learn to forget hurts and never hold a record of wrong doings, remember to use the DEL BUTTON promptly when you receive stinging and stinking mails. I remember once saving a painful email and crying over it but then the Lord asked me not only to delete it but also to forget the email and forgive that person. SOMETIMES THE TEACHINGS OF OUR MASTER JESUS IS TOUGH BUT DOES DEEP WORK INSIDE OUR HEARTS AND REFINES US LIKE GOLD.

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