Summary: The world's financial system has been shaken, but God's has not.


A There is no denying that the world’s financial system has been shaken over the last several months. (410k, retirements, investments ravaged. Lost jobs)

1 Most people are scared, waiting for the other shoe to drop, next crisis to hit.

a Children of God, we are not most people.

aa World is fearfully going through a recession, you don’t have too!

bb 2 Tim. 1.7

b We’re not most people, we are a “peculiar” people.

aa Duet. 14.2; Tit. 2.14; 1 Pet. 2.9 KJV

bb “peculiar”means special, treasured, jewel, bling.

2 I believe that we are in the last days/End Time church and the Church is about to experience the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.

a God is going to redistribute the wealth but not from the wealthy to the poor, but from the hands of sinners into the hands of the Just.

b God’s Kingdom is moving, expanding and who better to finance than the Believer.

c Over the next three weeks, I want to show you how recession does not have to come to your house.

aa Keep your job (or get a better one,) secure your retirement, pay your bills, keep your car filled w/ gas.

bb While the world is losing economic stability, you can prosper. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS RECESSION.

B In the O.T., there are 2 million Israelites in Egypt who refuse to participate in an economic crisis that hits Egypt.

1 These Hebrews are already poor when the crisis hits. (Slaves, dry/weary land)

a God sends a set of 10 plagues to Egypt, some of them financial.

aa Moses told Pharaoh disease was coming that would kill cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, sheep. (ANE, wealth was measured by these)

bb Exod. 9.3-4 NASB

b In essence, God told Pharaoh He was drawing a line between Egypt & the Peculiar People.

aa Egypt is going to know financial crisis, not my people.

bb Another time He sent hail & His people where not affected. (Exod. 9.18-21)

cc Exod. 9.25-26

c There is a biblical precedent for believers being recession proof.

2 This is not because He loves you more than anyone else, it simply about which side you are on & witch system you have chosen to operate in–God’s or the World’s system. (In the world, not of it!)

C I heard a story of a hall-of-fame coach who’s team was in a big bowl game, not doing well, ½ time pep talk took a football & said, “This is a football.”

1 Then proceeded to go over the basic fundamentals of the game. (Remind them of what it takes to win)

2 (Hold up Bible) This is a Bible!

a It should be the final authority in your life.

b It forms your views, opinions, thinking in EVERY area of your life. Manual for leaving.

4 We are going to be taking about God’s desire for you to prosper. (Does He? Let’s allow the Bible to tell us.)

5 I’m going to remind you of 3 rules & promise.

I Rule 1: The Only Interpretation That Matters is Gods.

A Every bit of God’s Word is breathed straight from His heart.

1 2 Tim. 3.16; 2 Pet. 1.21

a IL. An Executive will dictate to his sec. a letter, she may write it, but you know it came from the Boss.

b God used about 50 authors, different time periods, many not reading each others works, to bring His flawless Word!

2 Luke 4.4 KJV

a Many people say don’t take Bible literally.

b When Jesus was in the mountains, tempted, 3x’s “It is written . . .”

aa He lived His life by what the O.T. said about living for God.

bb Don’t take it literally? Someone should have told Jesus, Peter, John, Paul, . . .

B The Bible isn’t open for individual interpretation where it speaks plainly.

1 Preacher, that’s just your interpretation. I interpret it . . .

a The problem w/ that statement is that it implies that Scripture is open to individual interpretation. (No one’s wrong!)

b 2 Tim. 2.15 (right/accurate, then opp. is true)

aa When the Bible makes a clear statements you have no need to seek any other statements.

bb 2+2=4 (Answer. Anything else is wrong.)


II Rule 2: Interpret Scripture in the Light of Other Scripture

A Study Scripture in it’s context.

1 Look @ verses before it, after it, chapter, book, O.T./N.T., Bible itself.

a You’ll never see God contradict Himself in Bible.

b If you think you’ve found a contradiction, you’ve not studied it enough.

2 The O.T. contains 100's of prophecies in dozens of books about the Messiah, the “Seed”, gave his birth, ministry, death, ress.

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