Summary: Who is God? He is more than we can comprehend. David had much to say about who God is.



David wrote this psalm to proclaim the majesty of God. When he looked around at all that God had created on the earth, in the sky, and even within man the main feeling of God that he had was “majesty”. This morning God desires for you to experience His majesty and in that experience come to realize how that knowledge can change you and your whole outlook on life. Our Majestic God has more for each of us than we are now experiencing and more than we can even imagine.


David begins his song with a strong statement. In the Hebrew it reads “O Yahweh, our Adonai”.

Yahweh- The self-existent Lord. God introduced Himself to Moses as “the Great I AM”. And He is the Creator and Lord of all creation and He existed before all things. There is never a time that He “was not” because He has always been. He has need of absolutely nothing because, before there was anything else but Him, He was still God.

Adonai- means “Lord and Master”. It is a more personal name for God and indicates His relationship with you. As Yahweh, He is the Lord of all things by His majesty and might, but as Adonai, He is your Lord and Master by your willing submission of yourself to Him in a covenant relationship.

Majesty- refers to a glorious display of kingly power.

Splendor- magnificent brilliance of beauty and color.

** I imagine him as a boy tending the sheep and laying on his back looking up at the stars and seeing God’s majesty and splendor in the heavens. I am fascinated by God’s handiwork in cosmic creation. The more I study astronomy, the more convinced in God that I am.

Horsehead Nebula- one of the most beautiful sites in the heavens. the result of a Supernova. It is the gases left over from the explosion. It takes light over 1500 yrs to get here, so you are seeing back in time.

Pillars of Creation- really cool. They are well over 7000 yrs old. It WAS beautiful. Why “was”? Because it ceased to exist thousands of years ago. Another supernova exploded and destroyed it. But, it takes light much less time to reach us than it takes for the shock wave to arrive to destroy it. We are seeing something that’s already destroyed.

The farthest nebula we have found is over 13 billion light years away. One light year is 6 trillion miles, so 6 trillion times 13 billion is how many miles away it is.

Why do I point this out? God is much bigger, grander, more majestic than we can even understand. Just the portion of His creation that we have seen boggles the imagination. And He has filled His creation with wonders that we are newly discovering every year. David looked into the night sky amazed at how big God is..... Imagine what David would say if he could have seen the heavens through today’s telescopes.

** David’s awe ought to be totally eclipsed by ours today. When Galileo turned his telescope on the sky and announced to the world that the earth was not the center of the universe, an outraged pope ordered him to deny his discovery. But it was no use: the secret was already out!

There was far more out there than man had ever dreamed. There were stars and planets. in bewildering number, of staggering dimensions, traveling at inconceivable speeds, reaching further and further into unimaginable depths, and all of it is a tribute to the majesty of God. And, in verse 3, David says it is the work of God’s finger!


Here, David reflect on God as El Gibbor– “the Mighty God”. How powerful is the Lord God? He is omnipotent singular in power and might.

When I read vs 2, I see something special about God’s power.

David says God establishes strength from the mouths of “Infants and nursing babes”. In the poetic Hebrew language, strength and praise are from the same root words. So God is moving in strength in the praise of His children. And it doesn’t even have to be grown children.

Ps 22:3 tells us that “God inhabits the praise of His people”

Are you having a tough time right now?

Do you want God to move into your situation with power?

Then you need to get your praise own!

The other thing I see in vs 2 is that God is all powerful and really doesn’t need anything to accomplish His will.

Sometimes we might feel weak and powerless against the enemy.

Sometimes we fear that we will be defeated.

Let me share some verses for you to remember.

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