Summary: The rock of Gibraltar is an amazing testimony of strength, but there is only one Rock that can stand the shaking going on in this world.

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Jesus gives us the parable of the two houses and the two foundations, and the two men.

These are two different houses, two different foundations, and two different men.

In this text Jesus divides the whole world into two classes of people: #1 The Wise #2 The Foolish

What Jesus teaches us in this text is: It’s up to you.

No one is born with the predisposition to be a fool.

No one is born with the predisposition to be wise.

It’s a choice:

Tell your neighbor: Make the right choice.

Now tell them: Don’t be a fool.

Even though this is a teaching of contrasts and variables, one thing is the same,(that is the storm).

The point is then: storms come to everybody.

That being said: the only thing that is in question is not why? How? Where? But when.

Living in a place called tornado Alley there is no question of why the storm will come, or if they will come, or which direction it will come from.

Because none of those things make any difference anyway.

But the question that remains to be answered is when?

And the truth is: that question cannot be answered because no one can control the weather (at best they can try to predict it).

The same is true of life: no one knows when the storm will come.

Some have had the advantage of the daylight hours and have seen the storm coming in the distance and were able to brace for it, or get out of the way.

But for others there was no warning, they went to bed after a beautiful summer’s evening or spring evening and woke up to the sound of a tornado ripping their house apart.

Destroying everything they hold dear, even to the loss of husbands, wives, and children.

In the morning light all that remains are the broken shattered pieces of a life that used to be: a home that used to be

A marriage that used to be beautiful.

A body that used to be healthy and strong.

A family that used to be close, that used to love each other.

A mind that used to be clear and sharp uncluttered by drugs and alcohol.

A retirement plan that used to exist but got blown away by the storm.

A car that used to be beautiful but got blown away by the storm.

Dreams and aspirations that were destroyed.

And it all happened without warning it happened while they were sleeping

I wonder how many storms could actually have been avoided had we not been sleeping.

I know some storms are unavoidable, but there are some storms that could be avoided if we would just wake up.

Look at your neighbor: and tell them (wake-up neighbor).

All marriages don’t have to end in divorce.

All physical attacks don’t have to lead to heart attack or stroke or cancer or sugar diabetes.

A lot of things happen in our lives simply because we are asleep, we’re not watching, we’re not paying attention.

1Th 5:7 For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.

Samson didn’t have to have his eyes punched out, he didn’t have to suffer humiliation and play the part of a fool and a slave in a Philistine prison.

No this was a storm he could have avoided.

Samson’s problem was: he was sleeping when he should have been praying.

Sleeping when he should’ve been reading the word of God.

Sleeping when he should’ve been in church listening to the word of God being preached, taking notes making preparation building his foundation.

Samson was sleeping while the storm was brewing.

Samson closed his eyes to the obvious threat around him.

Sampson pretended everything was all right, when he knew in his heart it was all wrong.

I’m preaching to somebody today: you’re going through a storm.

I know some storms are unavoidable, but there are some storms that you don’t have to go through.

Some of you today are in storms right now that you didn’t have to go through, hell you didn’t have to go through, heartbreak you didn’t have to experience.

These are storms that are the product and the fruit of fleshly desires and decisions.

Sampson’s life was a series of storms, tragedies, loss, heartbreak, and every one of them was a product of his own self-will and actions birthed out of the desires of his flesh.

We’ve all been there: no one can point a self-righteous finger at somebody else without pointing at yourself first.

We’ve all blown it.

We’ve all moved in the flesh.

We’ve all ignored wise counsel, and did what we wanted to do.

And like Sampson we have found ourselves in a storm.

But these are not the storms that we’re talking about in our text:

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Randy Bataanon

commented on Oct 6, 2010

Inspiring sermon! There''s something on it that touch and revive my soul. And I know that it is the annointing of God moving on this Man of God! More blessing and power to you! Keep on preaching!

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