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*Some think the Preacher needs to do all the work

*It is a major problem if we dont work together

*We all need to stand together and say "Now is the Time , Here is the Place , We are the People


I. Now is the Time James 4:13-15

A. We only have Today

B. We must realize the great commission

250 million @ the great commission

half a billion @ 1650

1 billion @ 1850

2 billion @ 1930

4 billion @ 1976

5 billion @ now

C. the world is growing

D. Mk. 16:15-16

II. Here is the Place

A. what better place to start than Home

B. We must set aside petty differences Rom 14:1

C. We must turn the world upsidedown Acts 17:4-9

III. We are the people 2cor 6:1

A. we must walk together

B. we must have true religion james 1:26-22

C. We must go and teach Mt. 28:18-20

D. We must not be ashamed Rom 1:16

E. We must be confessing Jesus all over Mat 10:32


* Now is the time Here is the Place We are the People

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