Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Series on 1 John: call to really know who we are in Christ, and in knowing, persevere.

Now We are the Children of God — 1 Jn 3:1-3

An ancient Greek philosopher once said “Man, know thyself.” That may be easier said than done. How many of us really know who we are? How many are willing to look deeply within? Even among Christians, do we really understand who we are? Do we live like we do?

In our text, John wanted his people to know their identity. John declared that believers were children of God. If we want our lives to have significance, we need to know ourselves. Friends, we need to understand who we are in Christ. Exactly who are we in Christ? Consider the following truths about our identity in the Lord.

✦ We are recipients of a present relationship.

✧ Explanation: John was overwhelmed with the thought of the Father’s love.

✧ Illustration: “The Father’s love is so unearthly, so foreign to this world, that [John] wonders from what country it may come.”— John Stott, The Letters of John.

✧ Argumentation: The reason God’s love is given is to bring people into the family of God.

✧ Application: We need to be freed from a mentality that says we are worthless: WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE KING!

✦ We are heirs to a future promise.

✧ Explanation: John understood that the present Christian experience was incomplete.

✧ Illustration: “Danny” Montage — Life is about “now/not yet.” Throughout life, looking for the next milestone, arriving at each, but never “arriving.”

✧ Argumentation: There is a “not yet” aspect of our lives as children of God.

✧ Application: When life seems hopeless, we need to remember what we will one day be.

✦ We are keepers of an ongoing call.

✧ Explanation: John wrote that the future hope of God’s children should prompt them to live godly lives.

✧ Illustration: Good Samaritan

✧ Argumentation: The Christian life was never meant to be an escape from responsibility.

✧ Application: We need to be living like we really are children of God.

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