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You have journeyed with Jesus through the seasons of your life – Now What?

You have gone through situation with a bowed down head – Now What?

You have stopped by the Mount of the Beatitudes and found how blessed you are –

You have wrestled with the challenges of life and learned how to pray – Now What?

You have stood and experienced with Jesus before the tomb of Lazarus – as he called you from death to life – Now What?

You have stripped the palm branches with the crowd and shouted Hosanna—Now What?

You have sat at the table in the upper room – listened as Jesus gave thanks – ate of the bread and drank of the wine --- Now What?

You have prayed on bending knees as great blood fell in the garden – and left singing – going to the Mount of Olives – Now What?

You have warmed your hands by a strange fire with Peter and heard the cock crow three times – Now What?

You have chosen Barabbas over Christ and nailed Him to the cross – Now What?

You were startled by a resurrected – who called you by name --- Now What?

The now what is found in this letter to the saints in the city Colosse – a prosperous, prominent city on the east – west trade route. Paul writes this letter to the after-resurrected believers as a measure of focusing the mind on the completeness of Christ. Paul here is concerned about false teachers and the false things of life that has attempted to re-direct the minds of the saints. . . .

Paul’s measure of success is that he concentrates on Jesus as the Christ – the sovereign Lord – God’s agent in creation in creation and redemption. . . Paul sees Jesus as the central mediator whose work is interpreted as forgiveness and restoration. . . .

As we approach this text – Paul reminds us our commitment and encourages the believer to stand firm on your faith.

From the depths of verse one is from whence we draw “Now What.” If we are risen with Christ, then we are to seek those things which are above. . . Paul is simply saying;

If God has been good to you – you ought to seek Him

If God has answered your prayer – you ought to seek Him.

If God has healed your body – you ought to seek Him.

If God has gave you peace of mind – you ought to seek Him

If you are breathing and alive – you ought to seek Him.

The If in this verse is not a matter of doubt – It is not a matter of fear – But If here is an assumption. . . Paul was an expert on rhetorical reasoning and suggest to us that the If is not really an If – it is really a “Then.” Paul is really saying to us that – “then since you risen with Christ” – Now What???

Now What does it mean to be risen with Christ – Before Christ drew you to the Father – you were bound by sin and dead to life – you were dead to spiritual things – you were dead to guilt and shame – with eyes that could not see – and a heart that could not feel. . .

But one day the Spirit moved in your heart - the scales fell from your eyes – your ears were unstopped – and your hands was able to reach out and touch the hem of his garment.

And you became alive --- Then since you are risen with Christ – Now What? The song writer penned the words “What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought – since Jesus came into my life – floods of joy o’er my soul like the sea billows roll, since Jesus came into my life. . .

Since we are risen with Christ we have a new name

Since we are risen with Christ we have a new walk

Since we are risen with Christ we have a new home – since we are risen – Now What??

Now we have power – now we have a relationship – now we have heirship

Now What?? Now we have a New Position – When you come down from the mountain and make your way home – what do you tell those who didn’t come with you. . . You can tell them – I have a new position --- Yesterday I was dead – but now I am alive. . .

The position I had on Saturday night has been changed to Sunday morning

The position I had sitting at the card table has been changed to sitting at the feet of Jesus.

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