Summary: We all deal with the faith factor, but do we exersise it!! In this series we explore on taking risk and growing our faith thru challenges!!!

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Now...... faith!!!!!

Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!!!

It is in a nutshell being sure of something even though you don’t see it! Now that’s faith! I am sure most people would think that you are crazy when you tell them that you were told by God that you had to build a boat in the middle of a corn field!!! But that is exactly what God told Noah to do!! Noah had to build an ark or in today’s term a big boat, large enough to hold people and animals!!! Faith is not some magical word that you use when you want something! Faith is believing what God said about you when he rescued you and changed your life!!!

Noah took the risk on his character and reputation, I am sure that when he began to build the ark....everyone and anyone mocked him, made fun of him and maybe even discouraged him. People might says things about you that won’t make you feel good! The will try to assassinate your character and reputation. Noah probably had a very good standing in the community. I am sure they respected him for who he was until he began to build a boat in the middle of dry land!! For a few hundred years I might add!! But Noah did not waver or give up, instead he stood his ground and believed God for his promise!! Don’t give up on God’s word for your life! If he said it, that settles it!!! God will come through!!!

Which brings me to my next point, Future faith takes risk when go into the unknown.

No one likes to go into unknown territory! Imagine driving to your destination and along the way you missed the exit and ended in a place that is dead quiet, deserted. When you start walking...... the only thing you hear are your own footsteps! The place s totally foreign to you and that can be quite frightening! But God will never leave alone in your journey to unknown places in life! Maybe you are facing one of greatest trials of you life or are getting ready to be evicted or found out you are very sick.....God is there to see you through every situation!!!! Abraham was called to leave his familiar surroundings to go to land he’s never even step foot on!!! But he went because God told him to!!! Fear of the unknown is more frightening that known fear!

Last but not the least, Future faith takes risk in giving up things that hold you back from doing God will and living out your God given dream!!! Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son, the son of promise.

Imagine God telling you to give up something that he himself gave you!!! This test was not only about obedience but about where our priorities are. Is God the focus of your faith or is family, finances, things that God gave us. If he told you to give something of value for something greater, wouldn’t you give it up! God has a big plan for your life and it’s gonna take risk to fulfill it!

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