Summary: Fourth, and final in a series on the Birth of Christ, this sermon looks at Luke's account of the angelic visitation to the shepherds, their reaction and subsequent rejoicing and proclaiming the good news!

O’ Holy Night

(Series on the Birth of Christ – Conclusion)

Pastor Wilson Spencer

Liberty Baptist Church

December 25th, 2011

Luke 2:8-20

Introduction: We recognize December 25th every year as the day to honor the coming of our messiah, our savior, our king into the world as one of us. He came down from a perfect Heaven, and took on the form of fallen man. He left unimaginable riches to be born as a poor carpenter’s son. He left the uninterrupted praise and presence of millions upon millions of angels to come to a world that would despise and reject Him. He gave up splendor for scoffing. He gave up majesty for mockery. He set out on a mission from the sinless throne of glory to seek and to save lost souls in a sin-stained world that had turned it’s back on Him.

The selfless, perfect, agape love that He expressed by humbling Himself for our benefit is unmatched in the annuls of all time and history. He chose a simple, innocent girl to be his human mother. Yet it was the Holy Spirit which conceived the child in her womb.

He had to be fully man, or He could not have died for our sins. Yet He had to be fully God, or His death would have meant nothing of eternal consequence.

He was the second Adam. The restoration of unity between man and God. What Satan had undone in the Garden, Jesus restored. The communion, the oneness, the peace between the creator and the creation that the devil tried to destroy was re-established by our savior. His arrival in a humble stable that night signaled the beginning of the end for our greatest adversary.

. The Revelation:

The angels announced His birth to the shepherds!

. The Realization:

The shepherds understood the significance of this event, and did not want to miss out on it!

. The Recitation:

The shepherds went all over the place sharing the good news of the Messiah’s birth!

Conclusion: We have salvation today, because God Himself entered into the world as a humble child in a lowly manger and became the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He showed us the way, we merely have to humble ourselves as well, repent of our sins and accept Him as Lord of our lives.


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